347 Roses

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Life moves at such amazing speeds that we tend to forget what ought not to be forgotten. Added to these amazing speeds are the distractions cropping up even now and then in the form of office load and tensions. These things occupy the slots of topmost importance in our lives by pushing the essential ones to the bottom. And when we realise what has taken place, we are surprised to see how life was led and how incapable we were in living a life. Often, chances are given to rectify the mistake while at other times, we are left to our fate and demanded to accept the consequences.

It was just another day. The morning was a hurried breakfast, the journey was irritable and the welcome was depressing with the scornful face of my boss for leaving the work incomplete. Fearing a round of lectures, I quickly hurried into my seat and got lost in my work: checking mails, replying to them, forwarding them, tapping the keys and making the computer my slave, parallel to myself being a salve to it. How I wished at that time for a life of my own filled with happiness, peace and satisfaction!

The eyelids closed, the lights dimmed, the surroundings transformed magically and I was deported to a world of my own that i wished for. It was white all over with snow and red roses spread on every inch of the ground. A princess arrived on the scene, hugged me to her heart and whispered in my ears- ‘Every life of mine shall be yours’. Even before the second sentence could be started, a loud bang on the table awakened me.it was the boss. Having nothing to say, I slipped away from my seat and returned a few minutes later after he left the place.

The dream was a recollection of my first meeting with my wife. It was a hill station and I was so much impressed by her that I literally laid out an ocean of flowers.

Just then, something stuck my mind. Over and again, the beautiful princess tried to hint at something in the morning. But the least I could get it. I raked my brain, drew a hundred strokes and crushed a thousand pages but I recollected none.

The day passed and it was time to leave for home, the heaven of my life. Seated in the car, lost to the melodious music from the stereo, the brakes were applied all of a sudden. It was my lovable wife’s birthday. I realised how foolish I was to downgrade the importance of the most important things. There wouldn’t be a fight and she would love me in the same way that she would have done if I remembered her birthday. But the regret for having forgotten one of the most important occasions would stay with me for ever. Further, this was her first birthday to be celebrated with me.

I checked my wallet and found that there was enough money to buy her a castle of her dreams. Thinking about the gift that would make her happy, I recalled her love for roses and also of the promise on our first meeting to wish her with an even bigger ocean of roses on her birthday. This is the day.

I went to the nearest florist, the most popular one in our area and asked for 347 roses (my wife’s favourite number). His face gleamed with happiness but the next moment he realised that there was not a single rose left. I visited every shop I knew but none of them seem to have even a single rose. It appeared as if the gods wanted to teach me lesson.

Finally, I found the lone seller who could satisfy my need. My eyes could see the roses but when I went inside and asked for them, the smiling girl said that they were ordered just a few minutes ago and they had just three roses left. Having no other way, I took those three rose and I wondered if it would matter if love is expressed with three roses or 347 roses. I knew that she would be happy with those three but I wouldn’t.

I leaned back in the seat of my car and struggled to find a solution. Finally, I realised a way out. I have recently read about an online shop which claimed to deliver any number of flowers within an hour to any location in India. The claim was not so easily believable but this was the last thing that I could do. Fortunately, I could recall the name of that online store. I googled it to land at the desired destination.

There was an exclusive range of options, flowers of all types and colours and exotic arrangements. I wanted to buy all of them but my wallet wasn’t big enough. They were also pre arranged towers of rosse but I wanted to arrange them myself and enjoy the moments. I had an online backing account which I never used and it came handy now. I have given the address of my friend’s house and moved over there. I feared receiving a call or a mail saying that my order cannot be processed that day.

The doorbell rand and there stood a man waiting to deliver my order. And it was surprisingly much less that an hour since I’ve placed my order and the flowers were fresh , much more that what I normally get in the physical stores. Conveying my thanks to the presence of online shopping, I set out on the task of arranging those flowers which took a couple of hours.

With the flowers in one hand and a cake in the other, I knocked on the door. Dressed in a beautiful attire and adorned with sparkling jewellery and the most precious smile, she opened the door. Her happiness knew no bounds then. She hugged me to her heart and said those same words. ‘Every life of mine shall be yours’.


aludarm ;)

A doodle for every post you write; impressive I say. Nice write-up btw. :)


That was sweet!


Hey that's so lovely! At a point when you said , "the smiling girl said that they were ordered just a few minutes ago and they had just three roses left," I felt that your wife had ordered them. It would have been very filmy and unbelievable I guess!

Must show this post to my husband... he might get me lots of roses the next time ;)


very nice story to read from centre of an heart...

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