A healthy child makes a happy home

The anxiety visible on the father’s and the grandparents’ face while the mother is in the labour room is a spectacle to be witnessed. They wait anxiously hoping to hear the news of successful delivery. And when the news arrives, the anxiety gives way to happiness and celebrations begin. For days and weeks, they last and come to a temporary halt till the first birthday of the child arrives. And the celebrations begin once again. Every time the child gets good marks in the exam or comes first in a competition, celebrations follow. A happy child makes a happy home.

But what if ill health takes a toll on the child not allowing him/her to perform well, resulting in consistent failure? The parents definitely don’t bother much about the grades and the certificates of merit of the child. But they do bother about the health of the child and it has a lasting negative effect on the parents and the family as a whole. I would like to recount one of my experiences during a stay at my uncle’s house.

It was summer and the school was closed for vacations. I went to my uncle’s house to spend the vacations. A baby boy was born to the couple around a year ago. A greater part of my day was spent playing with the little kid. His innocence and playful naughtiness managed to keep me busy throughout the day and bought a smile on not just my face but also my uncle and aunt’s and on everyone’s face who used to visit the house. The happy child was the reason behind the happy home.

But things do not remain the same always. The kid fell ill. The doctor said that the immune system of the child has been severely affected. He was admitted to the hospital and was under constant supervision of the doctors. The parents spent almost the entire day in the hospital. I did my part to help them in those troubled times by looking after the house or taking food for them prepared by some neighbours. My uncle did not go to office for around two months. The bank balance kept dwindling and the condition of the child kept worsening. But they didn’t lose hope. Finally, they won. After three months of treatment, the child was declared fit. Their economic condition has fallen down the slope. I came back to my house.

A few months later, I visited their house along with my parents. I was expecting them to be in a miserable state given the dwindled finances. But the situation was completely different. The house was completely renovated and it looked like a mini palace. When I asked my Uncle how this was possible, he said - ‘A happy child makes a happy home’.

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