The touch of love

Vimala stood at the door with her eyes wide open, as on any other day, waiting for the arrival of her beloved one. The butterflies in the garden hovered around, clouds moved from one place to another and the streets were abuzz with moving people but she was still, as still as a rock. An onlooker would wonder if she feared that she might miss his arrival if she diverts her attention from the gate for even a second. As on any other day, Karthik was late, so late that Vimala went to bed before he came.

Karthik came, switched on the lights driving away the darkness and saw the languid Vimala on the bed. He smiled as on any other day and went to sleep.

Vimala woke up to the sun rays peeking in through the windows. She looked on her side. As on any other day, Karthik had already left for office. It has been over a week since she saw him. Tears rolled down her eyes. She wanted to cry loudly and drive away all the sorrow from her heart. She moved once again to the entrance and started her never ending wait.

The situation remained the same over the next few days.

Finally, one day, she decided that something needs to be done. She lit earthen lamps and placed them all over the house. Flowers were visible everywhere and so was the smile on her face - a smile that spoke of her hope for a good ending for that day. The preparations were done and she again started her desperate wait but as usual, she fell asleep. But things would be a bit different that day.

Karthik entered the house and saw Vimala lying on the sofa. He looked at her and smiled. He looked at the lamps around and wanted to know what was so special about that day. He called out her name softly but that was enough to wake her up. Vimala smiled, moved forward to Karthik and gently touched his hand. That touch rekindled old memories of love and tears never again rolled down the cheeks of Vimala.

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