Guptaji ka Nashta

‘We eat to live’, someone from the crowd of millions of human beings on this Earth said in a low whisper. He was clever enough to whisper that blasphemous sentence rather than shouting the same on top of his voice and arguing that what he said is infact true, for if someone like me who believes that ‘We live to eat’ would have heard him, then that would have probably been his last day on this Earth. A warm welcome to all the food lovers like me who think that the ultimate aim of life is to eat good food, make others eat good food and in the process spread joy and happiness. For a tired husband back home after a tiring day at office or for a kid back home from school after a day of wrestling with books, even tens and thousands of suitcases filled with money can’t bring happiness. On the other hand, a plate of idli that hardly takes time to land in one’s stomach or even a glass of filter coffee that gets empty in seconds reenergises them, makes then happy and starts a day of happiness. Such is the power of food and people’s love for food.

Now, let’s turn our attention to the family of Mr Guptaji, a brainchild of Kellog’s. At Guptaji’s home, you can have tasty anaaj ka nashta. You are always welcome with wide arms and more than a hundred dishes that are healthy.

Why do I want to go to Guptaji’s house for nashta?

The first impression
They say that the first impression is the best impression. It is applicable in almost all situations, including the current one. The first thing that makes a person want to eat some food is the way it looks, perceived through the eyes. The family of Guptaji knows how to present food in an attractive way so that it appeals to the eyes. Once a person is drawn to their home after having a glimpse of the food, they are then ready to present more compelling reasons to make one have nashta at their home every single day.

Variety of food
No matter how much you love pizza or burger, you will get bored if you eat the same thing each and every day. The family of Guptaji knows this fact pretty well and so they have over 100 dishes to offer to you from which you can choose whatever you want. You will never again get bored eating the same thing each and every day for breakfast. Change is necessary in life.

Healthy Food
The healthiness of food is something that people least care about. Most people would prefer junk food available on the street side rather than healthy food made at home from good food like cereals. Anything from Kellog’s is bound to be healthy, while also being tasty. For me, food needs to be healthy. The happiness of a family is determined by the health of the family members. I wouldn’t like my family to suffer because of my ailments. And so, I prefer to eat healthy food and do my part in making my family happy.

Even though I haven’t yet tasted the nashta, I am sure that it will be very tasty. And if I wrong, I am ready to serve as your cook for the rest of my life!

Have a happy breakfast at Guptaji’s house!

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