The Happy Baby

A family with a child, that smiles joyfully at all times, is the happiest of all families. In this modern world, we have very little time for ourselves and our family. The entire day is spent at office and in commuting. The time that we get for ourselves and our family is quite limited. One can straight away go to bed and relax after a hectic day at office but it isn’t the recommended thing to do as it only increases the separation between you and your family and makes you even more tired and unproductive. The little time that one gets should be spent with one’s children at home, make them smile, laugh to their heart’s content and enjoy. The smiles of the child have a positive impact on the parents. What are the things that make my little son, Arya, happy and in turn make me happy too?

Toys are something that every child would love. Be it of a mickey mouse or a train that can’t even accommodate a single person, every toy that gets added to one’s collection increases the happiness. Through toys, children learn about the world that they live in. They learn how to interact with things and find joy in every small thing and every action of theirs. My son Arya has a huge collection of toys and it is growing with every passing day. Every time, I bring a new toy for him, he jumps in happiness and smiles as token of appreciation. He spends a major part of his time, playing with toys while I work hard in the office, eagerly looking forward for the clock to strike six so that I too can play with him after going home.

The marriage video
Our son first watched our marriage video when he was around 6 months old. Since then, he fell in love with it. He seems to have liked the traditional outfit and the grandeur in the video a lot. Every time, we switch on the TV, he points his finger towards the marriage CD indicating that he wants to watch it. We always concede to his demands. If we don’t, what follows are loud shrieks and cries that make our neighbours come running to our house to ask if everything is fine. And every time, he watches it, he smiles a lot. He constantly moves his focus between the video and me and my wife. The smiles of our child and our marriage video makes us also happy. It enables us to relive those wonderful moments once again.

The horse ride
Yes, my son loves riding on a horse but unfortunately that horse is me. Every day, he demands that he ride on my back. Sometimes, my back pains a lot but his happiness is more important. And often, that happiness cures my back pain also.


A good sleep is essential for my son so that he can wake up the next day with a fresh and energetic mind. There are many things that contribute to the good sleep. One of the most important being, good diapers. Many of my acquaintances often complain that their child keeps crying the entire night and doesn’t allow them to sleep. Though there are different brand of diapers available in the market, only a few of them are well made keeping the needs of a child in mind. The best of all diapers is Pampers. Pampers keeps your baby dry throughout the mind. A dry baby will surely be a happy baby. 

This post has been written for 'Dry Baby, Happy Baby' campaign on IndiBlogger, sponsored by Pampers.

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