The innocence of children, the ever persistent smiles on their faces and their playful attitude - is there anything else in the world worthier than this? I still remember the day when I was walking to and fro in front of the labour room. There were nurses running from one corner of the hospital to the other in a hurry, anxious parents and in laws sitting silently on the benches and never ending calls from near and dear inquiring about the situation. Every time, I heard the shouts and shrieks of my wife, my heart beat faster and faster. And finally, there was a sigh of relief on hearing the cry of my newly born son. He has been the reason of happiness in my family since then. He was a part of every occasion. And yes, a part of vacations too - the best time to move a bit away from the tensions of everyday life and spend quality time with the family.

How does my son add magic to my vacations? How do I ensure that  my kid has the best of times during the vacation, so that I would have a great time as well? Here are the answers.

The Magic
As already said, my son has been an important part of every moment of my life since the day he was born. Our family is incomplete without him. The cheerful smile on his face makes me and my wife forget the tensions of life and work and allows us to enjoy our vacations. He is the magic that turns a sombre day into one full of activity and enjoyment. There have been many instances where we, while on a vacation, would languidly sit on one of old benches in some park after a day of sight-seeing, refusing to explore more but he would simply not accept it and keep dragging us till we get re energised. He has mastered the art of taking photographs and leaves no moment unrecorded on the digital chips. He leads us and we follow. To the onlookers, he looks like our parents and we, his children. He is the one to decide the place we would be visiting and the activities that we would be indulging in. We wonder who passed on all the information to him and how his brain remembers it all at such a young age. He is the magic that is an integral part of our vacations.

Ensuring a good vacation

There are a lot of things that we take care of while going on a vacation. A visit to our family doctor before every vacation is a must to get some valuable tips depending on the place that we are going to. We plan as much as possible beforehand so that we don’t left stranded at midnight on a dark street devoid of people or not find a place to stay at during the holiday season. Even though sightseeing and exploration offer enough pass time, there might be times when we need to stay indoors and to tackle such situations, some form of entertainment for our child is kept ready in the form of drawing books, cartoons and story books. Good planning and preparations make our vacation more enjoyable and memorable.

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