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Sometimes, things change the unexpected way at the unexpected time due to unexpected causes. It was time for the family of Mr Sharma to experience the unexpected twist of events. It was summer and the vacations has commenced for both his kids. The mother of the two had already left for the village where the family was going to spend the holidays. It was the responsibility of Mr Sharma now to bear the naughty pranks of the two kids and take them safely to the village where the fun time would begin. It should be an easy task, Sharma thought unaware of the problems that would unfurl in the future. Things were packed, loaded and they were all set to begin.

The journey started with the rumbling sound of the car’s engine. Things went on smoothly for an hour and then the drama began. The little girl, Sweety started crying of hunger. She had a full packet of biscuits just before leaving home. But kids are kids! No one can predict when they will feel hungry. Not a big deal, Sharma thought. He had packed meals and some snacks before the journey. But Alas! He had forgotten to put them in the car. He stopped at a small hotel along the route and they all had a sumptuous feast.

Now, the real problem began. Sweety wanted to go to the bathroom. Sharma looked around and a bathroom was no where in sight. Amazed, he asked the hotel owner about the same and the hotel owner was even more amazed. Toilets are not a thing that the village has heard of. They defecate in the open. Sharma’s mind couldn’t take this fact and he shouted at the little girl to shut her mouth. They resumed their journey and Sharma stopped at every small village to see if he can find a toilet for the girl to use. But all efforts went in vain. There were a lot of villages along the route, but none of them could serve the purpose. Realizing the situation, Sharma stopped his attempts and he drove the car as fast as he could. The moment they reached their destination, Sweety dashed into the house and entered the toilet.

A lot of people in India still defecate in the open. This has serious implications on the health and dignity of individuals. Domex has launched the Domex Toilet Academy programme to solve this problem. The aim of this programme is to provide sanitation facilities to the remote villages of India. It has seen success in Maharashtra and Orrisa. You too can be a part of this initiative. All that you need to do is visit Domex donates Rs 5 for every visitor that it receives on it's site. 

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