Zenfone - The ideal Valentine

If one writes a novel on the ideal life of a person, then the word ‘Love’ will surely occur more times than any other word. During childhood, you receive the love of your parents. During teenage years, you find comfort in the love of your valentine. Next, you love your children and finally your grandchildren. Each of these moments of love is important but the love with one’s valentine is definitely the most interesting and exciting. One has a long list of the features desirable in a valentine. But often, one faces disappointment on not being able to find a valentine of their choice. What can one do in such circumstances? Fuse the love for one’s valentine and one’s love for gadgets into one and look at the Zenfone as your valentine.

Why is the Asus Zenfone an ideal valentine?

Always active
Who would love a person who is always dull, lacking energy and enthusiasm? None.  A valentine needs to be always active, cheering you up during moments of sorrow and enjoying your moments of happiness. The key to you being active is your valentine. Every moment with your valentine needs to be energetic and joyful. The Asus Zenfone satisfies this criteria. The Intel Atom processor in Zenfone is highly energy efficient. So, you can use your Zenfone for hours without worrying about battery life. You get to spend every moment of your life with a valentine full of energy.

Storehouse of memories
If you ask your Valentine about some intimate moments which occurred some years ago and all you get is a blank stare, you would definitely be disappointed. One wishes for  a Valentine who can remember every single moment spent together. One should be able to capture those moments and preserve them in their memory for ever. Asus Zenfone has a 13 MP HD camera that lets you capture beautiful moments with vivid details. The Zenfone will never give you blank looks when you ask it what happened on some particular day years ago.

A valentine needs to be clear about his/her love. There should be no doubts as to why they have chosen you to be their valentine. They should be able to give you hundreds of reasons why you both are a perfect pair. Each reason needs to be crystal clear. Zenfone has this clarity. With a six inches HD display, everything would be as clear as it can, be it the videos that you are watching or the games that you playing. Can any other Valentine be as clear as the Zefone?

A valentine needs to be responsive. Call him or her at midnight or at three in the morning, they should always be ready to respond to you. Nothing should be more important than you and being at your service. The Zenfone has this quality. With Zenfone 4’s Intel processor, responsiveness is guaranteed. You need not stare at your phone’s screens for hours waiting for it to respond. It is always at your service.

The Extras
A valentine is not just your lover. He should be able to act as your mother, father or your friend. They should be able to easily slide into any character depending on whom you need at that point of time. The Zenfone is much more than a phone. Accessories are an essential part. The colourful Zencases make your phone much more invaluable. 

Read more about Asus here: http://www.flipkart.com/asus

This post is a part of Experience #UnconditionalLove with the Zenfone. Pamper yourself! campaign.

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you started your post with an incorrect assumption. In any book or novel, whatever be its genre, the word used for the most number of times will be "the" and not "love"

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