Boat - The new place of learning in Varanasi

The future of a country lies in the hands of its children. They become the citizens of tomorrow and help in the progress of the nation. Every person in our country has thousands of hopes in them - that they will help to transform the country, bring glory to it and improve the lives of billions. But for all this to take place, children should be provided with all what they require to achieve the goals set for them. Of all the basic requirements, education is the most important. Every child needs to be educated. Education teaches them about life, of the problems that our country faces and how they can contribute to the development of our nation. Unfortunately, education is out of reach of a large percentage of children in India.

The current situation isn’t good. But there are efforts from various people and organisations to improve the situation. One of the most commendable ones is the concept of boat schools in Varanasi started by NGO Guria under the leadership of Ajeet and supported by Tata Capital as a part of their Do Right initiative.

Ajeet noticed the children passing time aimlessly on the banks of Ganga. He wanted to revive their interest in studies. Providing an ideal learning environment is the first step and the concept of boat schools was born. The children spent two hours every day in the evening in the boat schools, studying, revising and playing. Those few hours spent by them every day will go a long way in transforming them to better citizens. They learn various skills, ranging from Maths and Science to an understanding of the society. The atmosphere of the boat schools, where they spend time with other unprivileged children helps them in better understanding the intensity of the problem. The involvement of an NGO helps them realise the impact that they can create on our country.

This is a very good initiative but there is a challenge -Money. Restoring and decorating the interiors and buying the necessary stationary, educational toys, computer and a painting kit requires money. It is now time for you to be a part of this initiative and donate money, be it in hundreds or thousands. Every rupee that you donate will help in achieving the magical transformation and help in making the lives of the children better. As of now, 34,000 Rs out of the required 90,000 Rs has already been donated by generous contributors. You too can be a part of this initiative. Go ahead to the website of Do Right here and donate whatever you can.

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