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It was a Sunday. The alarm was clever enough to realise it and hadn’t started ringing even before the sun rise like it does on other days. I was still in my bed dreaming about new gadgets and robots that would make my life even more easier and give me more time to dream even more about even better gadgets and robots. My thoughts got stuck in an infinite loop. The robot sleeping on my right realised this and woke me up, lest I go into a state of anxiety, depression and delusion. I thanked the robot and proceeded to get ready. There were around 20 robots in my rooms, each one trained to do a particular job. Almost my entire day is spent with robots right from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed at night.

It is the age when robots have replaced humans in various spheres of life. Civilization has truly progressed to the age where silicon rules and men are slaves to silicon beings.

After I took a bath, aided by robots, another robot brought me my breakfast. Even before I could ask it where my mother was, it said that my mother had some work and had gone to office. That was nothing new to me. I got used to it in the due course of time. I too left home for a walk in the silicon city.

All that I could see were robots. They occupied every inch of space in the city. I decided to spend the day hunting for humans and talking to them. Spending time with human beings and with the people you love is a boon. I wasn’t too fortunate. I could find only a couple of people and they too were reluctant to talk as they were having other important things to do. Finally, I went home hoping that my mother would be back. Instead, what I was welcomed with was a video message of my mother.

I cried a lot in my bed and hoped that someday, I will be able to experience those moments again when I used to talked with a real mother.  Those days, some 3000 years ago when people still interacted with each other… how I wish I could go back to that world once again!

I suddenly woke up and heaved a sigh of relief. It was a dream. I thanked God for it. I saw my mother moving around in the kitchen, preparing breakfast. I felt happy that I would be served breakfast by my mother and not a silicon robot. Normally, I spend my Sundays away from home, roaming around multiplexes and friends’ houses. But that day, I wanted to spend time with my mother. What if the dream comes true and soon, I would be separated from my mother by hundreds and thousands of robots. Even the thought of it sent shivers down my spine.

I always complain about her dosas, saying that they don’t taste as good as pizzas. But that day, they tasted like the best food on this Earth. I enjoyed every moment of the breakfast. I talked a lot with my mother. That entire day, I spent with my mother. We went for a movie and had lunch outside. I never talked to my mother so much in my entire life. That day, I realised how much I love my mother and how important she is.

It was the most memorable day in my life. That day filled me with optimism that the future would be all fine and those fateful days are still many years away. 

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