Ayur and Chemi

The entire kingdom was grief stricken. The beloved king had been ill for many days. The people who came to the durbar had to be contented talking to him through web conferencing assisted by Birbal who bought technological advancements in the kingdom.

After the long queue of visitors became empty, Birbal started moderating the discussion between the king and the ministers. The ministers put forward different problems along with their solutions and a budget estimate and the king e signed the proposals.

While a glimpse of happiness could be seen on every minister’s face because of the fast allocation of funds, the Minister for child welfare appeared rather sad. The quick witted Birbal spotted it and enquired the problem. The minister said, ‘O Gracious King! Master of the internet and of the servers! A recent survey of our kingdom had revealed that the natality rate would rise sharply in the next few years and I doubt of we would be able to cater to the health needs of the new borns, given the poor health of those children who were born in the recent years. This is all that made me worried’.

Akbar sent a mail to Brahma to confirm if it was true. Within a few seconds, Brahma replied saying that it was indeed true. Akbar asked Birbal of it would be better if the work is outsourced instead of forming a new department dedicated to the health of the new-borns. Birbal, realising that his work will only increase with the increase in the number of departments suggested that the work be outsourced.

The tenders were published in the newspapers and the next day, a huge inflow of proposals kept the staff busy. The department concerned with outsourcing work shortlisted two companies and asked the king for his advice as they were unable to decide between the two. The next day, a representative from each of the teams was called and the selection process started with their introductions.

Ayur said, ‘O king! We believe in the panchabutas, we strive to attain dhosa and prevent imbalances to attain a healthy body.’ Chemi followed- ‘O King! Belief without reason is like a computer without internet connection. Every medicine of ours is scientifically tested and proven to be effective.’ A war of words followed and the king declared Chemi as the winner. A total of 100 lakhs was transferred to Chemi’s account as advance.

Birbal’s seventh sense, a technology developed by him to warn in times of danger, flashed a message in his brain cells saying ‘All that glitters is not gold’.  Birbal thought that the program might have been infected with virus. He performed an anti-virus scan but no virus was reported which made him think over the alert. ‘Is Chemi the one with false glitter? It requires a thorough investigation!’.

Birbal formed a secret commission to validate the truth of the warning and moved on to play a game of chess with the king.

In a  few days, the report was on the table and the finding was that Chemi, copied all the principles of medicine from Ayur, modified it in subtle and often harmful ways, made their treatments and medicine look attractive and sold their products and services at exorbitant prices.

Chemi and his team were banished from the kingdom. Ayur was selected to take care of the health of the new-borns. He and his team did a great work using Ayurveda and Dabur Lal Tail. The health of the king also improved. And lastly, Yama was left with no work other than catching the flies! 

This is an entry for 'Traditional Knowledge Natural Growth' contest on IndiBlogger sponsored by Dabur Lal Tail.



Such a unique and lovely post Ranjith! ATB :)


I loved the idea of computers in the age of Akbar and Birbal! Best of luck :D

Anita Sabat

Nice work, Ranjith!
I laughed reading the last sentence! Best wishes! :)


what an imagination !


Very creative post. Loved the sketches :) Good luck for the contest.

Vijay Prabhu

Very ingenious post Ranjith, hope the Dabur guys understand the Natality Rate :) If they do to MacBook AIR pakka :)

Alka Gurha

That is innovative.

Paresh Kale

Indeed an unique post with apt cartoons !

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