Ambi Pur Home Range

Wonderful day,
Beautiful moments;
Stinking smells,
A horrible day.

Horrible moments,
Uneasy events;
Pleasant fragrances,
A day to cherish.

The human mind is a complicated mess of neurons whose perception of the environment cannot be predicted even in highly controlled experimental settings. The scientist expects a cool and composed mind, but the next moment he witnesses a never-before-seen outrage and vice versa. The role of smell cannot be overemphasized in this unpredictable behaviour.

Clearing the stinking smells from the house is a step forward in making a normal house like a palace. And an air freshener is an obvious tool for the work. As a warrior on the battle field, it captures the stinking smells and imprisons them. And then, it spreads good fragrances just like a king having his subjects as the highest priority spreading happiness.

And now, I talk about AmbiPur Home Range air fresheners. AmbiPur air fresheners come in two variants - Air Effects which is spray based and Set & Refresh which releases perfumed oils continuously once activated. Each one of them comes in two variants - Blossoms & Breeze and Thai Dragon Fruit.

I received a sample of AmbiPur air effects - Blossoms and Breeze, courtesy IndiBlogger. The fragrance is not too strong, unlike many others which choke you to death. But still, it is sufficient enough to transport to to an imaginary world of flowers where stinking smells have no place. The fragrance soothes the mind and helps one concentrate on their work without dreading the stinking smells of the socks or the damp clothes.

Now, we move on to the story of Raja Puri who rules the Ambi Puram kingdom. 

Centuries ago, in one corner of the world, there was the Ambi Puram kingdom, ruled by Raja Puri. Life over there was nothing short of living in a grand palace surrounded by servants. The reason was not the materialistic gifts endowed upon the subjects by the King but because of Goddess Ambi who was worshipped in every lane and house. The milk which was poured over the idol of Ambi evaporated and filled the kingdom with pleasant fragrances. A visit to the deity atleast once every day was a custom religiously followed.

Then came the catastrophe! Kings in others parts of the world discovered this isolated kingdom and started a war, well equipped. Raja Puri never maintained sufficient resources for war as he never expected one. As a result, he lost the war. He was chained and bought to the durbar occupied by the other kings who won the war. They announced that the king would be jailed in an underground prison for life. King Puri requested that he be allowed to offer prayers to Goddess Ambi for one last time. The request was granted and the King started offering abhiskekam with milk. The fragrance that was emanated cleared the smell of blood and also the evil from the minds of the kings. They fell on their knees and asked King Puri for his forgiveness.

Now, that was the story of the king who used AmbiPur to win the way. You might be tempted to try the same but unfortunately, this is not the era of Kings and kingdoms. So, here are a few things which you can do with AmbiPur which I have tried.

The stinking socks

The bond between the stinking smell and socks is a never ending story. Washed socks worn in the morning start stinking by the time the clock strikes twelve. You either have to bear it or change to a new pair of socks. Think a bit differently and spray AmbiPur and see the magic. The love between AmbiPur and socks exceeds the love between the socks and the stinking smell.

The rainy season

The rainy season gives us an opportunity to be a child once again and play in the rain. But it also brings with it the peculiar smell of wet clothes that refuse to dry. Spray AmbiPur blossoms and see the change. You will be transported to a garden with dew drops covering the flowers and the sun hiding behind the clouds, shying away from you.

From garbage to paradise

This was an experiment conducted in an AmbiPur IndiBlogger meet. A room was filled with the oddest smelling things - socks, rotten food, uncooked fish and even a man who hasn’t taken a bath since ages! And then AmbiPur was sprayed in the room. Bloggers were blindfolded and taken into the room. None of them could feel the stinking smell. All that they could smell was the pleasant fragrance of AmbiPur. Try it and at home and have an AmbiPur party.

I’ll be back when kings and kingdoms come gain into existence so that I can verify the correctness of my story of Kingdom Ambi Puram. Till then, have a good time enjoying the fragrance of AmbiPur.

This is an entry for Ambi Pur Home Range review contest on IndiBlogger.

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