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To estimate the imaginative power of man is beyond one’s capability and reach. The highly folded matter encompassed of thoughts and ideas is never set to rest but only nurtured every second to enable it to become better the next moment. In this imaginative and artistic explanation, what mankind ultimately landed on is a plethora of definitions and explanations for every word and every phrase. And all these definitions and explanations have found place on the internet which enables every one of the millions to have a place of their own. Infact, this is what makes internet fun, especially on mobile that stays as close as possible to our soul every second of our lives. And what would follow now is an exploration of the various explanations for the phrase ‘Internet is fun’. Indeed it is ‘double fun’ for me- finding fun in exploring fun!
The common man’s explanation
fb is life n mobile is fun

The student’s explanation
There was a day when the class was boring
Not a word being spoken did I like
Quick came the internet on my mobile to my rescue
To make me lie down and indulge in fun!

There was a day when an exam was held
Not a word did I knew except those words on paper
Quick did I pull out my mobile and goggled
To celebrate the medal given and indulge in fun!

The mathematician’s explanation
Internet = a collection of computers
Computers = the minds behind the miraculous product
Minds = an enclosure of ideas
Ideas = an innovative product
Product = unimaginable profits
Profits = money piling up in the house
Money = having fun
Therefore internet = fun
And mobile = fun (By the axiom of ‘The unexplainable’)
Multiplying the above two equations,
Internet mobile = fun 2

The artist’s explanation

The musician’s explanation

The programmer’s explanation
class Vodafone {
public static void main (String [] args) {
system.out.println (“Internet on mobile is FUN”); } }

The Indibloger’s explanation

The explanation by Vodafone
read the explanation by Vodafone here

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Your Pictures are awesome. :)

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nice post.......


Super post bhaiyya...The way you connected each and every field with awesome pics are good and sensed to the post. BTW congrats for the vodafone contest

Sunita Sriram

Very creative indeed , Deserved more than a consolation prize in my opinion.
Congrats on the idea as well as the pics!!!


I at times use to think, who is will read blogs, especially if they are not personal finance/cricket/something related to eating.
Visiting your blog has give me the answer that i was so wrong. Good write up.

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