The Search

The cultural festival of the college would start in week. Each and every student of the college was highly excited, waiting for the day. The cultural festival is the day that every student looks forward to. The preparations for it start a month in advance. Almost every student of the college gets involved in some or the other activity related to the cultural fest. Some of them organise events while other participate. If someone isn’t  actively involved in the preparations for the cultural festival, then he would be looked down at by the other students. It is nothing less than a blasphemous act. Every student of the college is supposed to contribute his bit to the fest , whether the contribution is small or big, useful or not doesn’t matter. What everyone wants is 100% participation of the students in the fest.

And now, we move our attention to Rohan, who is running around in the college looking for a way he could be a part of the fest, either as an organiser or a participant. He is not capable enough of taking an initiative, so he is looking for a team that could accommodate him. But every team that he approached refused to accept him into their group. Some directly said that they don’t want to accept him into their group. While others gave him lame excuses of not being able to accommodate any more members into their team. Depressed, he stood at a corner of the college staring at all the commotion the college has been a witness to for the past few weeks. A friend of Rohan, passing that way looked at him and said that he looks rather odd with the stubble and that might be the reason why no one wants him in their team.

The next day, Rohan had a clean shave and started his trials again. The first group that he had asked welcomed him with open hands. His happiness knew no bounds. 

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