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If you wish to sell an unused item at your home which is in a working condition or if you wish to save some money by going for used items instead of brand new ones, then quikr is the first place to check out. There are hundreds of sites similar to quikr but quikr seems to win the game. Over the years, it has been improving constantly and today, it is one of the top online marketplaces to directly connect sellers and buyers. It has been constantly innovating and introducing new features. The latest among them is Quikr Nxt. Quikr Nxt allows potential buyers and sellers to communicate on chat instead of the traditional phone calls which was the only option available till now. I prefer chat over phone call. Here are my reasons for the same.

Privacy and Risks

I always feel uneasy interacting with unknown people. And when you are talking about business and money, it may involve a lot of talking and bargaining. Sometimes, things may go wrong and even lead to a fight in rare cases. There are hundreds of stories that talk about mishaps on the internet. I fear that mine too would become one of these. But with Quikr Nxt, I can safely forget about all the risks and privacy concerns. If a chat with a buyer or a seller goes out of control, I can simply end the chat and the issue gets over there itself. Quikr Nxt is a great feature for those concerned about their privacy and safety.

Quikr Nxt also keeps a record of your chat. This is highly helpful in case something goes wrong or there arises some dispute between you and the other party. The chat messages are always there to prove that the other party was the one who should be blamed and not you.


Imagine you are in a meeting and you receive a call from a buyer inquiring about your product listing. Answering the call during the meeting would be a bit awkward. And if you don’t, you might lose a potential buyer. You can definitely call him back after the meeting gets over, but there is  problem. What if the other person is in a meeting when you call him? Quikr Nxt solves this problem. The other person can leave a chat message for you and you can respond to it when you are free. You will never again lose out any potential customer.

Photo Sharing

Chatting these days is not just about sending plain text messages but a lot more. Today is the age where multimedia dominates conversations also. Going by this philosophy, Quikr Nxt allows one to share photos during the chat. This is highly helpful when the other party requests for additional photographs of the product. It helps a lot in selling your products faster. In the normal method of conversation through a phone call, the other party requests for a photo and you send it by e mail. By the time, the mail reaches the other party, he might have already changed his mind about buying your product.

To conclude, Quikr Nxt is a great feature which you need to try.

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