The Characters

The stage is all set. The characters enter in a line, one behind the other, in small strides ensuring a rhythmic pattern in their walk. They differ drastically from one another lacking even the simplest of resemblances yet they all are connected. Remove one of them and the stage shakes. The sound of footsteps resonates through the silence of the hall. It managed to get registered even in those men and women who consider all sounds to be noises lacking musical qualities. 

The audience sat straight, their backs firm against the chairs and their eyes focussed on the stage. The footsteps become louder and the air become even more still, resulting in an exponential increase in the sounds of the footsteps. The curtain over the stage has not yet been raised. But the light behind the curtain cast the shadows of the characters on the screen enabling one to interpret their movements and actions. 

Second by second, time moved forward and the interest in the audience increased. In a flash, the curtain was raised. The audience stood up at their places and clapped their hands inviting those five characters to the land where nothing is real!


With a face shaped like a heart, the walking lover moves all over with its delicate legs, spreading love. Ask it to love you and it obeys your order without hesitation and soon you’ll forget yourself. Shower love on it and it ensures that not a part of your love and feelings go unnoticed. In an era where love is scare, the walking lover is all that one wants to possess. 

The tuft of hair on its head duplicates itself producing millions and billions of copies every day. But alas! Not everyone is so fond of the walking lover. They would have longed for the heart shaped creature had it showered gold coins and sparkling diamonds instead of love. But just as love can’t be bought with gold and diamonds, gold and diamonds too can’t be generated from love. They two are mutually exclusive with many people longing for the one providing temporary happiness. 

Notwithstanding the binary corruption in the minds of men and women, the walking lover moves through hills and plains, rivers and oceans, forests and deserts duplicating itself and spreading love.


At the first look, all that one can see in him is his sparkling white teeth which refuse to hide under the lips. Wearing shoes made from wood and leaves, he keeps walking on the infinitely high mountain aiming to reach the top. Every step he moves forward induces a smile on some lonely man’s face in some corner of the world. He never halts for taking rest nor does he slow down due to fatigue. All that he sees is the invisible peak symbolising a world filled with happiness. 

He keeps moving and people watch him silently, grabbing every smile he produces but never taking the pain to share some responsibilities of Teethe.


Pull out the last two letters from his name and push them to the front and you will understand what he is symbolic of. With a little round face, raised eyebrows and wide opened eyes, he stares in a way that can make you run for your life. 

He has a pair of red gloves which he uses to punch everyone who comes in his way. And if none is willing to take risk, he invades houses dragging our people and makes them cry for their lives. He smiles for a second and frowns for a billion years. Nothing in this world can calm down his anger except the promise of the destruction of the world in his hands. 

He moves around the world spreading his ideologies which emphasise on sporting an angry look to terrify people. Hundreds and thousands of followers spread his teachings whose at all times are angry on each other for no reason. Long live Geran and his anger till the volcano erupts and he gets to see a creation possessing even more anger than himself.


There is a wide smile on her face which is nothing more than a smile to deceive others. Look into her eyes and you will find scores of Serenas who are sad but trying to make the world believe that the state of affairs is still fine and people are happy. 

From luke and corners of the world, Serena receives mails containing pearls in which are hidden the sorrows of the person who sent the mail. Serena consumes theme and duplicates the Serenas in its eyes. 

Relieving people from sadness and sorrow is the work she has been entrusted and she will contribute to execute it till there comes a time when it itself gets over burdened by its sorrow.


Hide the h and you see the tears. Shaped like a rain drop or rather a tear drop; with a colourful cap on its head, Theary does nothing but cry all the time. 

Stare at its face looking straight into its eyes and tears roll down your cheeks. Tears express much more than love and smiles. They symbolise the truth of life which at the end reduce to dust buried under the land with a few drops of tears shed over it. From the ashes of Theary, there arises a new Theary waiting for its successor to arise from its ashes.

The story started,
The audience clapped.

The story ended,
The audience left.

The audience arrived,
The characters came.

The story started,
The audience clapped.

The story ended,
The audience left.

Life is a story. The characters enter one by one and sometimes interleave ensuring a rhythmic feeling. Anger, love, tears, sorrow and laughter are strikingly different from one another. Yet they all are a part of the same life. Remove one of them and life shatters. 

The birth of a child reinforces the relation between a wife and a husband. Relatives and friends keep their eyes wide open praying for good. Through the scary silence, the blessings of god reach the child. The first cry induces a smile on everyone’s face. And then begins the play of the life of the child.

He lived,
They saw.

He died,
They cried.

They waited,
He came.

He lived,
They saw.

He died,
They cried.

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very good one :)

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Beautiful post Ranjith! Where can I find the walking lover? Oops, I forgot it's a figment of imagination! :D

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Nice post! Thank You for sharing!

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Congratulations Ranjith! :)

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this was so beautiful :)

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