The colours of life

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The palette of colours slipped from the creator’s hands onto the ‘Creation of life’ on the canvas to escalate its artistic beauty up by a thousand times. It was a transformation of a lifeless journey from the gloominess of black and white to a multitude of colours, diverse and unimaginable. They provoked the aesthetic beauty, charm and activeness on life. Why should something be in black and white when colours have so much to offer?

Giving an identity
Colours give every object, be it animate or inanimate, an identity of its own, helping it to be distinguished from the rest. If nature is forced to re envelope itself in black and white, how would one differentiate between the rising sun that radiates hope from the setting sun that calls for rest, provided one did not have a compass? How would a lady understand the feelings hidden in the depths of a young lad who had gifted a rose in black and white? Should young ones then be forced to memorize the shades of black and the feelings they represent, a second time?

Colours express feelings
A colour is more than what it just looks like at the first glance. Colours help express feelings to our lovedones that would otherwise stay in the heart forever. Lovers use red to express their love. Friends exchange roses in yellow to show that they are available for help with just a call. Green represents ambition and emotions. Blue represents health, understanding and knowledge. Brown represents stability and wholesomeness. Every colour has a meaning and an implication of its own.

The tradition since ages
Colours have occupied a significant place in one’s life since ages. Early men harnessed their creativity to the maximum possible extent as is evident in the rock paintings wherein organic and natural colours have been used. Colorful beads and jewellery were a mark of royalty during the era of kingdoms and empires. Even the cosmos that existed millions of years ago refuses to show up in black and white. Gradients and textures of colours are used by space scientists to capture ones attention and infuse interest in the creation. Digital technology has also seen a transition from black and white screens to screen exhibiting millions of colours.

My blog
Having talked so much, one might bombard me with questions about my blog being casted in dull gray. Here is an answer capable of satisfying your quest. Life is full of thorns and happiness is just one small part of it. My blog represents a life and so it is apt for it to be in a dull gray colour. Move that pointer seeking the doorway to another page and to another phase of life to discover something glowing in bright orange, a good contrast to the background. Action is necessary on our part to keep on moving in life to explore its meaning.

I would like to see in colour
If only I had the chance, I would like to see the lives of the poor, the destitute and the homeless in colour. I wish that their lives were better. I wish that they had the basic necessities in life and need not spend another day under the bus shelters or on the footpaths. 

On a lighter tone..
If you ask me to be more realistic, I wish to see the moon in colour. I wonder how many more mothers would be added to the list who feed their children showing them the moon, a wonderful blend of black and white. I also wish to see the wonderful classics of the good old times in colour. Speaking frankly, none of them was watched by me owing to the dull screen in black and white. As a child, I wished that teachers stopped using the white chalks to fill out the blackboard. I wish that colours occupied the majority of the space but it had never happened. Thanks to the digital schools, students need not dream such things again.

But black and white….
Even though colours mean a lot, black and white are beautiful in their own way. What value would a memorable photograph of the good old times held in the trembling hands of an old woman have, if everything is in colour? How would an artist represent sadness, despair and pain if there wasn’t something called black and white? How odd would the sky look if it has to wear another colour during the thunderstorms, instead of jet black? Concluding, black and white are just another two colours, equally important as the others.

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Meera Sundararajan

Lovely...!!! I would hate to be colour blind


@ Meera Sundararajan Thank you. But the people with colour blindness have an interesting world of their own.


Nice post. But whatever you say I wish your blog had some color.

I saw your post is doing well in the indiblogger. Congrats.


@ Sairam Thank you. I might change the colour of my blog in a few months to something better.


Well said :)

Bhargav Bhatt

to create and to express for others to understand..very creative work

gr8 post

Someone is Special

Creative post and I feel colors are the only solution to life.. and will my life be colourful

Someone is Special


Very Good Ranjith, I liked the fact that you covered so many aspects of the importance and significance of color in our lives. Wish you all the very best :)

Saru Singhal

Good Work!!!


Black is absence of colour and white is mother of all colours. I love black and white and that is why I simply loved the theme of your blog. But as you have beautifully mentioned in your post that colours add expressions, identity and emotions to life. Similarly within this backdrop of black, grey and white, a little tinge of colour here and there is adding life to it. Great work :)


@ Nivedita Glad to see that you have liked the theme of this blog. Life is colourful and since black and white are also two another colours, they too need to be a part of life. All these colours have to be present in the right proportions to make life meaningful.


Very well written .


Really Nice..well expressed

Divya Ranjith

Good one.


colours....uhh!! i love adds sooo much fun to life...its a key to express,live and njoy.....



Awesome article. Honestly :D


I would like to ask you a question that as you have said that each colour symbolises its own beauty. you have also mentioned that colours add emotions to your life but colours like black, white and grey are so dull that everyone feels sad by seeing them. for example if you paint your walls with such colours you will feel dull whole day and will have a feeling of sadness inyour heart.



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