Change they say is the essence of life. Nature knows this very well. The scorching heat of the summer doesn’t stay on for long. The birds need not hide in their nests the entire day fearing being burned to death by the unbearable heat of the sun. The sun becomes tired of shining constantly throughout the day. It realises that it is time for some change to take place. And so, it goes for a temporary rest. The summer paves way to the monsoon. The birds that were hiding in their nests come out and enjoy the showers. Flowers that were lifeless till then also change. The monsoon changes them from being lifeless to radiating joy and happiness that invites every mortal human being to admire their beauty. But this too doesn’t stay on for long. Change is unavoidable. Next comes autumn and the flowers which were smiling and spreading joy till then, die a merciful death. But that is not the end of everything. Change, as I’ve already said is unavoidable and once again, the season changes to summer and then monsoon, rekindling life in those flowers.

Is change that easy that it takes place every second for no reason and without any initiation? Some changes keep taking place and repeat very frequently while some require a strong initiating force. A bold step is required. People may ridicule you, make fun of you and distance themselves from you for making taking such bold steps. But then, you experience the fruits of it some months or years later, if not in a few days or weeks. Change has many hidden implications. It tells that you are ready to face the world that is never static. It indicates that you are ready to face challenges and live a real life and enjoy every moment of your life rather than allow life to pass on its own.

Here is a very important incident of my life where I have invited change in my life rather than thinking about the past and allow myself to suffer.

I had met Keerthi in a not so romantic situation. I was returning home from college on the last day of my exams. All the students were in a party mood. I could see students riding their bikes carelessly performing dare devil stunts. in this commotion, Keerthi got hit by a motorcycle and she feel unconscious. People gathered around her and stared at her. But none of them came forward to take her to the hospital. Blood was oozing out of her head. I could hear my heart sob, even though it was the first time I saw her. I admitted her in a hospital. This way, our love story began. We enjoyed the company of each other for several days until God decided that we have lived together long enough and it was time for us to get separated.

Our marriage was fixed. On the way to the wedding hall, the car in which Keerthi and her parents were travelling got hit by a lorry. None of them survived. It was the biggest setback in my life. I went into depression. I stopped talking and interacting with others. I locked myself in a room and cried the whole day.

Slowly, with the passage of time, I realised that things cannot stay the same for ever. Changes keep taking in our life - some good ones and some bad ones. But we need to accept them and move on with our life.

I took a decision, a bold one indeed, that I would never again cry in my life for my Keerthi. It might sound blasphemous but taking that step was required else I would have perished in loneliness. I got myself involved in social service and since that day, I never cried again.

The change took place in my life was not invited for and not a result of my actions. But I took a bold step of accepting that change and refusing to repent for the loss incurred by me in that change. Since then, I have lived happily and in peace.

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