Two hours of self realisation

( Video exclusively created for this contest)

From the moment this form of life has taken its first breath, it was a parallel competitor to the billion other people on this world who spend every second of their life in the process of moving towards the goal. There were hardly any breaks in between and life was nothing but an uninterrupted roller coaster ride of highs and lows with the latter dominating the scene most of the time. There was an eternal zeal in the heart of this soul to reach the goal at any cost and so were spent sleepless nights and days of boredom and monotony driven by the same hope. But every step taken only moved this soul a bit closer to the goal but not exactly to it and the closer it moved, the clearer did it become that the goal is unreachable. I was so much lost in that mad race that I was hardly left with any time for myself. Yes! Time!

That was what I hardly had in my hand. Every day was spent reviewing the progresses of the previous day. Every hour was spent setting the gaols for the next hour. Every minute was spent thinking about the action to be taken to accomplish the goal set for that hour and very second was spent implementing those actions. Time was indeed too scarce.

How wonderful would it be if I could exchange money in the market for time, even if it costs millions of dollars for a single second. This soul talking to you has become weary and tired and is devoid of life. It needs time to relax, rewind and refresh. Yes, I am in need of some extra time, atleast two hours a day. I wonder what I would be doing if I am granted those extra two hours.

Satisfying the soul
As already stated, I was just another person in the rat’s race and I was neither appreciated nor noticed by anyone in this large world. I was never satisfied with what I have accomplished for the scale used for evaluation wasn’t an absolute one independent of others but was a relative one, thereby keeping me unsatisfied all the time. I would spend my time analysing my life and my deeds which has been done innumerable times but this time it is going to be from a different perspective as already stated.

I would detach myself from the world with whom I was connected all the time till date. The clock with which the world is synchronised would be halted by me so that I do not change my decision and remain in isolation until the task gets completed. Vacuum would fill the space and time around me. Space and time curvatures would be adjusted in such a way that there exist no tunnels to slide through the barriers back to that rare ridden world. Beautiful and sweet memories of my life would find a place closer to me, allowing me to have meaningful view of these accomplishments. My failures and setbacks would be positioned at a considerably large distance so that they appear to me as nothing more than a point.

Having seen my past in such a wonderful way, I would then proceed on to one of the next tasks, all of which have been neglected in the eighteen years of existence on this earth.

Those sweet memories unread till now
Every event in my life has been noted down in my personal diary to capture the feelings, happiness and joy in words. I have done so, so that my life doesn’t remain a mystery for myself. Those words were a testimony to my sacrifice which has led me to experience some wonderful and pleasant memories in my life in the past. They were archived so that later on in my life, if I feel like re enjoying that happiness, all that I would have to do is to open that treasure and keep reading to relieve those moments. It would transport me back to that point of time when life was joyful and interesting.

I would open that treasure hidden for years in that dark chambers of my wardrobe and savour every word with my heart and recollect people and places, relive life and enjoy my life, currently in a sorrowful state. Having done so, it is time for me to move on to one of the other innumerable long pending tasks.

A living proof
A mark has to be made on the sands of time to tell the world that this soul was happy at some point of time. I would choose roses that blush like a young girl to implement that idea. The red roses that emanate bright hope can change one’s life to the better, however worse it might have turned. They seem to dance to our tune, however bad it might sound. They seem to laugh by spreading out their petals when one attains success and they seem to shed tears in the form of dew when its nurturer falls into trouble. Every rose that withers gives the hope of the blossoming of a new bud.

My garden would be filled with a few rose plants, in that extra time given to me for I wish to tell the world that I too had at one point of time become free from the rat’s race and had meticulously used the time to infuse life in another object, which I hope would not end in a condition similar to mine. Every time I would look at them in the future, they would remind me of these days when I am doing what I really ought to do. They would infuse hope ion me that the race which has for now been halted to be resumed will surely come to an end one day after which my life would be spent with these forms of life, that always tend to listen to me patiently and obey each of my instructions. This living proof would also provide the necessary motivation and encouragement to continue my journey to the destiny once this relaxation from the daily routine comes to an end.

The plan for a better future
The past was recollected, the present has been made to mark it presence on the sands of time and now it is time to think of the future and secure it so that there never arises a need to repent for losses and wrong actions taken. Destiny wasn’t too clear till now. It was blurred and its nature and purpose was not exactly known. It is time to unearth b those hidden secrets and unveil the actual purpose of my life.  It is time to explore my interiors and look out for my hidden strengths and rectify my hidden weaknesses. It’s time to develop a goal different from what the rest of the world is aiming for.

I need to think of the possible setbacks that I may be facing in the future and think of the possible actions to be taken to avert the huge losses. My life will be ridden by conditional controls. Every problem would be having a solution and the actual goal can be reached faster. My life would then become monotonous and uninteresting but still the victory at the end is what I ultimately need, the path doesn’t matter much.

And then…..
The past, the present and the future were all reflected upon in these two hours. It is time to restart the clock halted by me so that life can move on……

How I really wish that I have some clothes to be washed every day with an aid from surf excel so that every day of my life would become a journey of self introspection. :-)

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firstly, the video emits the fragrance of self realization. It surpasses all boundaries of exquisite excellence.
Introspection and the realization in the two extra hours is penned beautifully.
kudos to you and your benevolent talent dude.
best wishes.


@ pramod Thank you very much especially for the appreciation of the video. After all, I deserve it for the time spent. :-) There is a need for us to explore ourselves and that is what I have choose to do.

Anukriti Sharma

What an innovative way to write... Loved your post... One of the most creative posts I have read... The video is awesome! Hats off!
All the best...
May God bless you with iPad2 :)

Indian Citizen Ranting

Very wonderfully written. Zen and the art of Gardening I must say :)


@ Anukriti That you very much. I too wish that I win that i pad 2 :-)
@ Ranting Indian Thank you

Sunita Sriram

Ingenious, innovative, intuitive, introspective....I could go on and on...

Sarah malik

definitely one of the best I read till now :) our souls need our time the most, ironically we tend to neglect it the most!
good luck!


M'Bai Madrasi

very creaive and innovative one,, after reading this... i really wish i had got the two extra hours of the day!!!!

The Solitary Writer

very well written...very creative..i actually loved the video concept...and what all you have written is really too good and something to think

Deepak Karthik

Creative :) You can expect a token of appreciation from the contest runners :) :)
Good luck :)


@ specs buffy Thank you
@ subtlescribbler Thank you. That is a part of natural human behaviour. We tend to run behind the less important things leaving negligible or no time for the essential things.
@ The madrasi Everyone wishes so!
@ The Solitary writer Thank you
@ Deepak Hope so :-)

Gauri Mathur

Beautiful post! : ): )

And ya sorry for mentioning you as Rajnikanth instead of Ranjith..I posted twice on indiblogger also..they didnt publish it or so..after mentioning that they published :(


like your article


Hi..That was a lovely take..Beautiful script.Please have a look at mine and leave your thoughts -


This video thing totally grips me Ranjith!! You are getting better and better!!
All the Best:)

T F Carthick

Truly reflective post. The video has been made really artistically.


vrey nice way to tell about every thing .informative post
hi all tose visited here pl vote me my posts sending to masterchief. i need ur coopration




very well written post. good luck.


Good video!


There's an admirable subtle warmth in your words. Hope you won this contest. I came to your blog from CyberKids blog. Are CK and Ranjith the same persons?

Nandhini (

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