The Explorer

This is a photo blog post entry for the contest 'I am Explorer'. 

Life was moving on smoothly.

All of a sudden, the earth crept into darkness.

After a lot of discussion, I was chosen by Mother Earth to move to the outer space and search for an alternate land.

My journey began.

There were lots of planets around me but one of them one caught my attention with its wonderful glowing colours.

I descended through layers of colourful atmosphere.

There was nothing but an irregular coloured object at some distance.

I moved towards it and touched it. From vacuum, arose a plain land and colourful objects.

These objects gave way to hills, mountains and plateaus.

Then came a smiling face in yellow with jet black eyes and a smile. The evolution began!

The plants grew on the plains and a high rise building was built on the plateau.

A colourful butterfly flapping its wings came out of the building which I knew was the solution to the problem on Earth.

I took it back to earth and it became the light that would drive away the darkness.

This is an entry for the contest 'I am Explorer' contest on IndiBlogger. Check out Tata Safari here


കാളിയൻ - kaaliyan

Mahn.. I like it !!


Thank you kaaliyan :)


Lovely :)

Anita Sabat

Creative Entry, Ranjith! Let there be light on Earth! :)

Arvind Passey

Loved this arty picture post, Ranjith... must attempt one when I'm reviewing the Samsung devices with me. Great idea.

Arvind Passey


Lovely effort Ranjith! All the best :)

Toe Knee

This was a really creative effort and one of the few photo posts I came across. Best of luck for the contest.

Ragini Puri

Beautiful post Ranjith! And your rocket is super cool! I want it! :D

Neo Imaginations

Very creative..

Vijay Prabhu

Nice entry Ranjith, Best of luck may you win the vouchers again :)


A beautiful story so nicely pictured. Lovely work ! ;)

Amazing wonders in my life

Awesome... Loved the way you presented it

Divya Khanna

cool work!

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