Soak : Questions and Answers

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If you find yourself already soaked to the maximum in work, watch this video and have a smile. Otherwise, read the entire post and then watch the video.

One thing that distinguishes mankind from the rest of the life forms is his ability to question. Ranging from the simplest to the complex, the shortest to the longest and from open ended to close ended, questions come in various forms, each of them unique and appetizing to the mind. Hearing the word soaked, a number of questions cropped up in my mind- simple and one worded- what, when, who and how? Now, here, I dive into the depths of details to explore the answers to the aforementioned questions.

You might be tempted to say that it is the act of immersing clothes in water and leaving them in that state for an hour or two. And the most probable reason is the path that you have followed to reach this page. 

But one ought to acknowledge the complexity of the English language. ‘Put’ cannot be pounced in the same way as ‘but’. There isn’t a single pant a the plural of bus isn’t buss. And read could be either an assertion or a command. 

Soak can be interpreted as either a noun or a verb with the latter form mostly used over the former. You soak something when you immerse it in a liquid. The particles soak through the pores and finally the garment gets soaked. The liquid in which one soaks is also a soak. And strangely, the reverse process of soaking too possesses the same name but with the extension of ‘out’. In effect, you soak out the soak which has soaked through the pores. Something also soaks when you understand it completely or feel it thereby allowing it to penetrate through your heart or mind leaving a permanent mark. 

And the same definition extends to living forms like human though we don’t need a bucket large enough to hold us. We get soaked in the rain or under the shower. We can also soak in non tangible things. It could be the tension inflicted upon you by the cruel boss or the love from the lover, leading toe successful marriage or break up.

Soaking isn’t something too religious and need not be done only at specific timings. You can soak yourself in the warm quit early in the morning and give the office a break. If you save yourself from doing so, you can get soaked in sweat while struggling through crowded legs in the bus. 

When the clock just strikes nine, your boss may enter and soak you in one of the various ways he thinks you are worthy of being soaked. He might soak you in praises for having done the previous day’s work satisfactorily or it could be the other way. And he can also soak you in a load of work sufficient for an year. 

And when it’s time to take a break, you can soak yourself in the delicacies packed into the hot box by your wife or if the dishes are not worthy to be soaked into, you can try for the same at the office canteen. 

And then, you can soak yourself again for a second time in files and docs. And then in the evening at four, you can get soaked in shopping to search for the perfect gift for your wife that day. Returning home, you get the opportunity to get soaked without effort in either the eager welcome or the never ending complaints. 

And then at night, you can get soaked in the relaxation bought by having completed the day’s share of soak and preparing to soak the next day.

Soaking isn’t confined to the poor man or the rich one in the bungalow. Everyone has a right to get soaked and soak others. 

Some people prefer the former while others go for the latter. Politicians soak innocent cites in their long plagiarised speeches and the audience accept to get soaked in the false promises. Professors soak the students in either their too boring or too interesting lectures and the students prefer to soak in a long nap. 

The father soaks his son in all praises while the son prefers to get soaked in chocolates and cakes in addition to the praises. Women are soaked in the household work while men are soaked at the office. Bloggers soak their readers in senseless rants while the fans soak the bloggers in their likes and tweets. 

The lover soaks the loved in his love and the loved prefers to get soaked in gifts and surprises. And finally, the birds soak humans in their melodious tunes and the humans soak the birds in appreciation and praises.

Some people are lucky enough to get soaked without any effort while a few others need to put in effort from their side. You can open yourself to the fresh drops of rain and get soaked. 

If it’s too early for rain, then you can jump into the well and get soaked. 

You can disassemble the computer and get soaked in work. You can reduce the assignment of your friend to ashes and get soaked in false happiness and you can extend this soaking experience by redoing the assignment for your friend. 

And lastly, you can get soaked in abusive words by intruding a passer-by like a fly which comes back even after being shooed away.

It’s now time to soak yourself or probably you were already soaked to the maximum in this session of clarification.

And finally, it's time for you to scroll up to soak in the video which has been created by me for this contest.

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Nice take on the "Soak"ing. I liked the video too :)
Good luck!

Kinara :)

A very helpful one!!
Thanks for posting this!
BTW the pics are so coooll!!:)


gud post.
i wonder who made these pics, cute.

ekta khetan

Wow..uber cool! LOved ur designs...

Sabyasachi Patra | Tales from Wild India

Fantastic. The drawings look nice. It is really entertaining go through the interpretations of all the highly creative guys here.


@ Chitra I myself have made them :-)

Shilpi Dutta

Wow...u made the pics urself and so much efforts for the post...well written with good punches. Quite liked it


wowo, I must say the sketches are lovely .. loved them all of them



the sketches r so cute,n i can c the effort that went into this post...great job


LOL !! This reminded me of a video of Osho explaining the usage of another such work :D You have worked so hard on the pictures. A job well done !

Shesha Chaturvedi

This is such a creatively put forward post! Loved the pictures. Good luck! :)

Gaurav Das

Successfully soaked! :)


Great post Soak Soak :)


I really like your sketches and the way they apply to the context. :) Good post!


Lovely write and good read too.ur so creative in a distinguished way .Expression can be found anywhere words are not that important :) .

Ghumakkar Punit

another wonderful post with awesome pictures :) Couldn't watch this video too in office, will watch at home and comment again(bass yad rhe ghar ja ke ;)

indu chhibber



iPad 2 is worth Rs.2500.00 now why did you add the extra zero ????

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