The invasion

The day was unusually quiet. My room was totally cut off from the noises arising from the chaos outside that is prevalent every day. The winds too stopped blowing and so the windows stayed still, rather than banging against the frame. The fishes in the aquarium that would make all sorts of sounds, moving around, playing and fighting, stayed quiet that day. I always wished for silence, peace and serenity but I never thought that silence could be so painful. I couldn’t enjoy it. It seemed to signal the onset of a disaster.

My fears came true. The silence was broken all of a sudden by the sounds of bombs and gun shots. I looked through the window and the scene outside startled me. What was a peaceful expanse of land till then turned into a battlefield. Everything was engulfed in fire. People were screaming unable to bear the pain inflicted by the wounds. They were screaming on seeing their loved ones ripped apart in pieces. They were screaming repenting their past actions that have led them to such a miserable death. But none of it melted the hearts of the invaders.

I was terror stricken. I had no idea of what was to be done. I looked all around seeing if there was a way to escape from the hands of the deadly death.  My eyes scanned every direction around my house. Everything that was peaceful till then got smeared in blood now. I too screamed even though I was still safe. I was shouting for help even though I knew that there was no one around me to come to my rescue. When I saw the invaders flying on the right side of my building, I ran to the left. When I saw them on the left, I ran to the right. I was panting for breath, after running all around my room thousands of times.

I once again looked outside but this time, I just wanted to see what was going on rather than decide the direction in which I need to run to save my life. Some of the bombs have exploded the water tanks which have doused off the flames to a certain extent. The killings haven’t ended but I could see people staying quiet and seeing everything around them without any show of fear, pain or anger. I ran turned towards the aquarium in my house. The fish that were till a few minutes ago cheerfully playing had died and were floating on the surface.

I moved to the centre of my house, knelt down, looked upwards and invited death. The next moment, a bomb stuck my house and I was no more. I could see nothing but vacuum outside. A battlefield till then had now turned into a place nothing less than heaven. There was greenery and fast flowing clean streams everywhere. Flowers bloomed, birds sang and people smiled. There was silence all over once again but it wasn’t scary. 



That's a hard hitting story quite at variance with your blog's tagline - A lighthearted talk.


Ohhhhhhhh i loved the last line , the way our world is going I think we do need this to happen for nature to start all over again ..


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