The clash between human efforts and destiny

‘Act fast! There is no time left for you to ponder over the consequences. You hardly have any time left!’ my inner voice kept repeating. Yes, it was indeed true. There was no time left and if I don’t act now, I would be regretting about it my entire life. I was mustering courage to face the reality and accept any of the unintended consequences. But it wasn’t that easy. I knew how things would turn out and how my life would change for the worst, pushing me into an even greater darkness and sorrow than I am currently in. I couldn’t decide whether I need to try which would obviously make things even worse or if I should stay silent and allow things to happen as decided by fate and destiny.

I spent hours and days thinking over it. I would, for a moment, be convinced that allowing destiny to rule my life is the right thing to do. But the next moment, the hope in me and the countless abstract things on this earth push me forward to try to sort out things to the best of my capabilities. Few minutes later, fear would override all my emotions taking me back to square one.

After countless such cycles, I finally went ahead, challenging destiny to win over me if it could. For a moment, life appeared brighter, infused with new hope and joy. I seemed to be invited, loved and cared for. I shouted to the world that I had almost won. I enjoyed those moments for a day or two. But that wasn’t the final outcome. It was yet to be decided.

Few more days passed and finally, it was time for me to see who was the victorious one - me or destiny. With feet that moved one step forward and two steps backward, I was preparing to face the challenge. I was joyful as well as filled with sorrow at the same time. There isn’t a word to describe my feelings. Few minutes later, the verdict was out. Destiny had won. I challenged the outcome, but in vain. Those moments of success that I had been bestowed with earlier were illusions.


Sunita Sriram

Can never stop is always the winner!


It's a war that would continue till grave..your writeup exactly defines what I am going through right now...good one!!


If you took one step forward, and two backwards, technically you will never reach the place where you can know your result.

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