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Life is short. When you blink your eyes for the first time, life begins. And when you blink again for the second time, life ends. All that is in your hands are those few years between the two blinks of the eye. ‘Is one hundred years short?’ you may question me. Not literally. But yes, it is. Almost everyone’s life is a complicated mess of restrictions and responsibilities. You succumb to societal norms and by the time, you realise that you have lived your life the way the society wants you to and not the way you had wanted you, life is almost over. The eye is all set to blink for the second time. One needs to break free from all fears and stereotypes and follow one’s heart, doing what they want and finding happiness in those acts. The ultimate aim of life should be to enjoy every moment of your life as if it is your last day. Enjoyment does not necessarily mean passing time without having any goal or purpose. Enjoyment is about doing things that make you happy and give you a sense of achievement.

If all the constraints in my life are removed and there is nothing to hold me back, what are the things that I would do?

Watch movies
I have a huge fan of Telugu Movies. I can spend days together watching movies without getting bored or tired. Movies depict lives that one can only dream of. They transport you to a world of magic where every day is eventful and memorable. Some movies teach you morals, some allow you to think deeply about life and relationships and some allow you to indulge yourself in laughter after a hectic day at office. One of the things in my bucket list is to watch all the popular movies of Tollywood and write a short review on each one of them. I don’t know what I intend to do with those reviews, but still I would like to compile them. It is like paying a tribute to all the brilliant filmmakers that the human race has seen till date.

Get surrounded by gadgets
I am not a big fan of gadgets, be it smartphones, tablets or smart watches. They make me feel that I have become their slave, that I am too dependent on them and I am incompetent without them. I strongly resist using gadgets. Infact, even today, I find it difficult to handle touch screens properly. I try to click the cancel button but the ok button get clicked. But still, I am fancied by gadgets and their capabilities. I would like to buy all the smartphones and tablets, spread them out on a table, use each one them for a few seconds as an expert… and finally, forget about them completely! Those few seconds when I am using the gadget, I wish to handle them like an expert, using a utility application, playing a game and browsing websites, all at the same time. Doing so would help me get over the feeling that I am way behind other people when it comes to gadgets. It will help me get over the feeling of regret for not having learnt the art of using these gadgets. I wish to prove that I worked even more efficiently without these modern gadgets also.

Travel around the world
When I felt tired and found no inspiration in the world and people around me, I always wanted to take a break and visit some of the remote places in the world. Nature’s best inspirations are hidden in the secret places that have never been explored by humans. But the paucity of time and money didn’t allow me to do it. I wish to travel around the world, get inspired and inspire others. There is no better gift that I can give to the world than my experiences that can inspire others and infuse enthusiasm in them.

Set right the things that were wrong
There are many situations in my life when I was wrong but I was too stubborn to accept my mistakes. And there are an equal number of situations, where the people around me were wrong but I was blamed. I wish to set right all those things. I want to say sorry to all those people who were hurt because of me. And also make the second group of people realise that they were wrong. There is no other thing as important as clearing the differences you have with the people you have lived with till date.

Give my children a better life
Life is not just about yourself. It is about those people whom you love and those who love you. I want to do all that I can to ensure that my children can lead a happy life - insurance, savings and everything else. There is no moment happier than watching your kids lead a happy life, from the skies above.

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This post has been written for Befikar Umar Bhar campaign.


Lancelot Quadras

I really liked the 4th and 5th point a lot....
Well explained...
Hope you can set things right for the betterment of your future life. :)


my best wishes for all of them and heres wishing all your dreams come true


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