The triumph of truth

Not everything that you perceive is true. The moon is not as small as it seems to be, but gigantic enough to house a million mortals. The innocent looks of the Venus flytrap are nothing but a veil over its true self, waiting to be shed the moment an insect finds its way onto the wings. Not all vows made during the wedding are the truths coming from the bottom of the heart. If they were, the world wouldn't have been in as confused a state as it currently is in. Your beloved lover might have gleaming and sparkling eyes that act as a testimony to his truthfulness, but the man and his eyes might be lying every second. When everything around us, right from the celestial objects to plants and humans, is enjoying the warmth of lies, is there a reason for one to speak the truth? Is there a possibility that speaking the truth is the right thing to do?

It was a wonderful day that started with a joyful morning walk in the park and ended with a dinner abound with smiles and laughter. Never had my life witnessed such joy and happiness, barring a few remote incidents. Incidents from my past that would never find their way to the present times. It had taken seven years of married life to witness a day when every vow made during the wedding manifested into a reality. I could see her love for me in her sparkling eyes. Her lips seemed to utter my name a million times every second without showing any sign of weariness. Her hands clutched mine tightly as if someone from the dark past was trying to unite with me once again. She held me close to her and whispered in my ears, ‘I love you’ followed by few minutes of talk and smiles. Then all the happiness got ripped from us in a second.

I stared into her eyes, wondering if I should say yes or no; should I speak the truth that would shatter her into pieces or lie that would confine us to eternal darkness? I could see tears in her eyes. She wanted me to love her to the fullest - a truthful love that doesn’t possess even a tinge of lie. ‘I am person whom you love the most, am I not?’ she asked. For anyone else, it was a simple question having a simple ‘yes’ as an answer but it wasn't for me. I wanted to yell, ‘No, you are not!’ and burst into tears that would take away the sorrow from my heart but I couldn’t.  Neither could I say ‘no.’ I could neither speak the truth nor lie. I stood still. Thoughts of the past started invading my heart.

‘I was a lonely flower in this world. Every petal of mine was stained in black, waiting for a man who would transform me into a beautiful one, loved and desired by all. And then you came. The black stains disappeared and I was all colourful and beautiful. Will you be by my side forever?’ she asked with a smile on her face. I turned my head towards her for few moments and that was enough for destiny to act. I lost control of the steering wheel and there she was - lying in the middle of a pool of blood. I shouted, yelled, banged my head against the boulders and cried but none of my acts could win over destiny.

‘No, you are not. I still love Rekha. I still love her. I can never forget her, even after hundreds of years’.

My voice echoed in the little room and I burst into tears. She came towards me with tears in her eyes, hugged me and whispered in my ears that she loved me.

I could have lied to her. I could have said ‘yes’ the moment the question was thrown at me. But I didn’t. I couldn't deceive the woman from the past who might still be moving around on the earth waiting for the day when both our souls can move together into the world meant for those who no longer have a place on this earth. I couldn't deceive the woman standing in front of me, who loved me the most and also knew every bit of my past. And finally, I couldn't deceive myself. Even if I had lied hoping for momentary happiness, my eyes would have still spoken the truth. She had lived with me for a long time, long enough to be able to read my eyes. Speaking the harsh truth was the right thing to do.

The world around us is filled with lies. But even then, truth triumphs; if not today, after a few days, months, years or a lifetime. 

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Awwww - such a sad story but so beautiful in its embrace of truth. I really enjoyed reading it.

Destination Infinity

If this is fiction, you could have mentioned it. Well written fiction anyway :)

Destination Infinity

Sunita Sriram

Yes..indeed..truth alone triumphs and our conscience allows us to be in peace with everything!

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