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It strengthens the love between a wife and a husband. It is the moment when a living symbol of the marriage becomes a part of the billions of people on this Erath. It is the time when the couple start looking forward for new experiences on one hand and fear managing things the correct way on the other hand. The birth of a child is one event that sparks off celebrations which none other event in life can. Utmost care is taken in every aspect related to the child. The baby is showered with love. The best of products on the world are used. Signs of ill health send ripples of anxiety all over the house. The baby is looked after like a delicate piece of glass.

But, are all the children safe?

In the year 2012, 44 out of every 1000 infants died before attaining one year of age. A grim picture indeed! The number of infants prone to frequently ill health will be even higher, given the low levels of immunity. With the deaths of the infants are broken the hearts of the parents and all concerned. An irreparable loss haunts them of the rest of their lives. Life no longer remains the same.

Even when extreme things like death don’t take place, the infant falling ill frequently is also a matter of concern. The happiness of the parents increases with the smiles of the child, and a similar thing holds true for the opposite. The child falling ill frequently makes the parents more anxious. 

So, how do we improve the immunity of a child?

Breast Feeding

In this fast paced world, mothers are seen getting back to work within a month of delivering the child. The baby is often looked after by the parents or an ayah. Under such circumstances, breast feeding is not possible and it is the first thing that contributes to reduced immunity. There is nothing more nutritious than breast milk during the early days. Breast milk contains antibiotics and white blood cells. Antibiotics increase the immunity of while white blood cells fight against foreign particles. Breastfeeding helps prevent allergies, diarrhoea, pneumonia, meningitis and many other diseases. It is recommended that mothers breastfeed the babies for a year, if possible.


The child’s environment should be kept germ free. A close watch on the child’s hygiene is also essential. It should be ensured that the child washes his hands before eating. He should not be allowed to play in excess heat or dusty environments for too long. If done so, the child should be made to take a bath.

A good diet

A good diet is one that can’t be neglected. Milk and eggs are a must. Vegetables and fruits, rich is vitamins and minerals should be provided. Children refusing to eat nutritious food is a common problems. Rather than accepting defeat, parents should try to make the food attractive and tastier, while maintaining the nutritional value of the food.

Physical activity

Children who are not even one year old being given mobiles and tablet stop play with is a common sight today. Accustomed to electronic gadgets, they feel reluctant to go out and play. There is nothing better to do in free time than taking out the child to the playground and encouraging him to play. A morning walk is also highly recommended. The time spent outside the home not only makes the child healthier but also increases the emotional bonding between parents and children.

Today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens. An immune India is the way for a brighter future for the country. With immunity comes success and success brings happiness, spreading’s miles all over.

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