The hidden love

No matter how smart the human race becomes, the world still contains things that it cannot see. On a calm sea, all that is visible is a fraction of the iceberg. A greater and an even more interesting part hides below the water. The moon that brings with it a pleasant night is but one half of its full - the other half rests in peace. The men and women that we see around are also a fraction of the total self. The invisible immortal feelings of love and friendship in the heart constitute a greater part. They keep hiding, waiting for the right person to discover them.

Like a phoenix, it shed all its past to start life from the beginning with traces of memories from the past still haunting it. The heart was clean - as clean as a perfect drop of water straight from the heaven. It contained nothing except for an urge to get filled with feelings and emotions that would remind it of its past - unbothered of the pain the new feelings may inflict on it.

Destiny is the only thing that stayed with it since the start. It showed it the path that has to be followed which was indeed followed blindly keeping faith in destiny. Destiny had led it to nowhere but still it wishes to repeat the mistakes of the past as the path and the experiences on that path are more important than the final destination. Once the final destination arrives, there is nothing left. Even destiny shall leave it as the end is the final stage to where it can guide. To explore further is impossible - there exists no path except the reversal of success and are delay of the travelled path.

The heart looked around but found none. It kept praying for that moment to arrive when it can re-experience the lost path. Days and months passed but the passing time only left it disappointed. Tired, it stopped searching. And the miracle happened unknowingly. The heart unaware of the miracle moved on but in the due course of time, it realised that the destined time to fill love had arrived and so started its work.

But feelings and love are to be hidden to be discovered by the right person. And so, the wait continues ….



Nice epitaph : The wait continues....


I guess most of us spend the better part of our life waiting for that person. Many of us are even unfortunate enough to wait for our entire life without any result. Great way to describe the truth of life.


there is a painful pleasure in waiting... everyone is waiting for something somewhere.. otherwise life is meaningless.. once you get the things you wait for.. its done.. search for the next begans... life is beautiful with some emptiness.. no?

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