The flower and the fragrance of success

The sun looked like a blazing ball of fire. The sand beneath the feet was heated enough to fill the air with a strong aroma of heat and weariness. The water from the oases evaporated and tickled the taste buds. Two contrasting sensory stimulations - the water and the dry sand - is something which only nature can design. There was a long way to go but the thought of the goal being too far made hope stay silent.

The air was dry enough to carry the scent of plants to faraway places. I could feel the fragrance of some plants and I followed it.

There stood an almost withered plant but with a beautiful lively flower on it, spreading fragrance all around. It stood as a symbol representing those great men, women or even inanimate things that stood the test of time to reach their goals. I stood there, staring at the flower, inhaling the scent. The scent with the spectacle was enough to infuse new life and determination. One day, when the goal is reached, I too shall be that flower, spreading fragrance of love…

From a distant land,
Came the fragrance,
Of the unknown.

I followed it,
And it ended;
But nowhere.

Hours and days,
Months and years;
Time kept moving.

Mountains and plains,
Forests and deserts;
I passed through all.

And finally,
I reached.

In front of me,
It stood.

Spreading its fragrance,
All over.

But success.

Which drove me,
To my goal.

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I loved the poem Ranjith. :)


Very thoughtful post. Love the resilience of that solitary flower in the middle of the desert spreading fragrance.

Afshan Shaik

Fragrance of success !
Thats a cool poem


Spreading the fragrance of love <3
That's so beautiful :)
In life, everyone spreads love in one way or another :) Hence, there is happiness all around :)


Kaarunya :) | My Blog - Happy Hideout |

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