The Story of Little Munna and the Apple

Note : All the scenes shown in the photos below have been arranged and captured by me.

Staring at the vast blue sky, little Munna realised how boring his life was. All that he wanted to do was to make his life a little interesting.

An apple fell on his head from the tree above. He wanted to shout, ‘Eureka! I discovered gravity!’ but didn’t as Newton had already taken credit for it. An idea struck him - ‘Why not take this lonely apple on a car trip to the end of the world?’

Little Munna got into his car well equipped and he started his started moving on the smooth, black road.

The trip was no longer easy. His car refused to move on the slope. He recalled his physics classes at school. He fixed a pulley to the road, took a strong rope, tied one end of it to the car and pulled the other end of it. It was a success.

He came across a barren land devoid of vegetation and life. He wondered how cruel God was to have ignored it.

He planted trees, dug a river, bought some birds and animals from the sounding areas and the barren land turned into a forest.

Little Munna was tired and wanted to take a refreshing bath. He jumped into a nearby lake and the task was done.

Half the journey was over. The car needed to reenergise itself with fresh fuel. He dug the earth and extracted oil like a skilled mining personnel. The journey continued.

The best thing in his life followed next. It rained heavily and floods followed. He used all his knowledge about physics and flotation in saving himself and the car from the furious nature. He succeeded again.

Finally, he reached the end of the world.

He bade good bye and dropped the apple so that it can start its never ending journey in vacuum.

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Awww Ranjith...this is so so cute!!! And how much efforts you have put in!!!



Now that is some kind of Creativity...Great..loved it.. :-)


Creativity at its best :)

Arvind Passey

This is a charming, quixotic post... loved the sets you've created & the photographs you've finally clicked. Impressive effort...

Arvind Passey


such a charming post. loved the idea of your pictures.. very creative. :)


Ranjith Film ticket to pakka hai but hope this one gets the big one. Hats off to your creativity and ingenuity Best of luck :)

Ragini Puri

Wow! Very creative Ranjith! One of the best posts I must say! Best of luck for the contest!:)


You always have something different to show in your bag. I am literally in awe of this post, love the antics of cute little munna with his car and the apple. Simply beautiful. All the best, I am sure this one is going to be in the big league :)


Nice post mate and best of luck for the contest .


sudha...a touch of madness

Awwww that was so cute :) I hope to see your name among the winners! All the best!


Very refreshing and enjoyable read.Good luck!


That is ingenuity! All the best!

Uma Anandane

I love this post. Very creative one :) All the best for the contest!


I hope you win with this, it's such a lovely concept and nicely executed. I particularly loved your depiction of "barren land". Good luck


I absolutely loved this post...You deserve to win :D

ekta khetan

Cute Munna, cute tress and a very cute post indeed!


No doubt creative Ranjith


Love the character Munna.. Great post!!!


Creative and interesting work.Keep up doing that and more and more guys will pay attention to your blog.

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