Being Ramp Ready

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They smile when they are taken care of.

They frown when they don’t receive the attention they deserve. 

And they flaunt when the shampoo works like magic.

People would unanimously accept that after the face, the hair is the one that plays an important role in crafting first impressions.

They add to the beauty of the smile.

They flow freely by the wind in rhythm with the conversation between two loved ones.

And they speak by themselves for the proud owner, hinting at his attitude and personality.

It is no surprise that God had crafted men and women with hair that stands at the top rather than at the bottom near the feet.

Looking into the mirror and imagining oneself without hair is a courageous act. And so is the reality of living with hair that has no life to stand up and speak.

Gone were the days when the hair used to take care of itself aided by nature.

The situation has changed long ago to the one where every strand of our hair deserves attention aided by the hundreds and thousands of hair care brands.

And Tresemme is the one for discussion today.

The YouTube Experience
The world doesn’t notice you when you create an interactive flash movie for your website or upload an impressive video on YouTube because they both are two common. But a combination of the two is a novel idea and Tresemme needs to be appreciated for it. You get to interact with the characters in the video through subtle actions and in the process get your hair ramp ready.

Navigating to the YouTube page of Tresemme initiates a series of camera flashes that amuse you while the video loads.

An artistic rendering of hair follows, where the hair moves freely all around in waves and ripples along with the head, aided by the ingenuity of the animators behind the work.

You are then invited by Diana Parity to make your hair ramp ready.

A photograph of yours which can be uploaded from your computer, chosen from Facebook or clicked with your web cam serves as an access card a few minutes later when you enter the world of Tresemme.

A virtual journey by air for a few seconds lands you in New York.

Photographers amuse you a second time. You get a glimpse of the hair stylists who are busy helping the models attain ramp ready hair.

Then, you get to choose the type of your hair - straight curly or wavy based on which you are suggested one of the products from Tresemme’s range.

A quick video on getting saloon style hair wash follows.

Now comes the exciting part where you are allowed to choose the hair styles that would be featured in a virtual ramp show.

Sit back in your chair, sip a cup of coffee and watch the ramp show.

Finally collect your style album containing a few of your memorable photographs and hair styles.

The Shampoo and Conditioner
Now, its time to pamper your hair with tresemme's shampoo and conditioner.

The shampoo comes in a black minimally designed bottle while the conditioner comes in a white coloured one.

Pour over the contents onto your hand, enjoy the sense of touch for a few minutes and then pass on the feelings to your hair.

All about hair styles
Having completed the virtual ramp show and a photographic tour of the hair care products, let us delve into hair styles. The word ‘hair styles’ most often brings the picture of a woman rather than that of a man into one’s mind. Injustice rules.

Even the hair of men can be styled in a variety of ways, with the only disappointing thing being that most of them look similar.

To break the barrier, a man might grow long hair competing with the women in the neighbourhood, flaunting all possible hair styles.

But I wouldn’t be that brave man as I am quite contented with the two hair styles that I use. Infact, calling them as hair styles would be an injustice to the thousands of hair styles that women all over the world get immersed in. The two styles are infact two ways of combing my hair.

The first one below is the one I would like to sport when my hair is short. 

Allowing the locks to fall over the forehead makes the hair look thicker and also brings the innocence of a child onto my face. And the one below suits well when the hair is longer. 

The hair combed backwards infact gives a stern look but to ensure decency, this is the only possible option. Allowing the hair to fall over the forehead even when the hair is too long will make one look like a retard waiting to be admitted to a hospital. After spending over 300 seconds in front of the mirror and moving out; waiting for people to admire my hair styles, the wind comes and plays the havoc.

The World of Women
Now, let’s move on to the world of women and their hair styles. There are hundreds and thousands of styles; each one of them distinguishable from the other.

A few of them make the woman look like an angel while a few others give the false impression that the hair hasn’t been attended to since ages. The best of all styles would of course be the normal braids or hair left loose if the hair is long enough to touch the floor. Hindu Mythology too supports my argument.

All the Gods and mythological figures were said to have really long hairs. Sita and Rama spend several years in the forest along with Sita's long hair.

Radha's hair was a testimony to the love between the Radha and Krishna couple.

The hair of Parvati was no less attractive, especially when visualized in the ardhanadhiswara form, with  Lord Shiva's hair adding to the beauty.

May the best of the hair styles have their place on the ramp!

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Have a look at Tresemme India's YouTube channel here.

Picture Credits : The three sketches of Gods were drawn talking help from the following pictures: 1 2 3



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