Book Review: Jack is Back in Corporate Carnival

Jack is Back in Corporate Carnival’ is a good choice for a weekend when you would like to smile and be relieved from the everyday problems. It takes the reader through a journey of the life of Jack and the problems he is facing. In the process, the author tries to bring a smile on everyone’s face.

This book has been authored by P G Bhaskar who has the best selling book ‘Jack Patel’s Dubai Dreams’ to his credit. The story is about Jack who works for a conservative British bank is Dubai where everything isn’t fine. Every small thing that needs to be done requires approval from a number of departments who just refuse things as their birth right. Looking for clients is another hectic task that he needs to do.

His clients are perhaps the most complex of all human being. One of them raises a hue and cry when Jack eats the cookie which his prospective client had kept aside to eat later. A second one starts a quiz about football with each question having a need to be answered if the prospective client needs to turn into a client. While wild guesses save him at times, it’s not always the case. In yet another instance, his client is a man having two wives and Jack needs to face the heat.

The story deals with not just his job but also his personal life- his loving wife, friends and relatives.  He needs to set things right for a love marriage. He is endowed with the task of bringing the ‘thali’ to the marriage venue which was forgotten at home, in the course of which several things happen: both funny and serious, which later turn out to be funny. And, he also encounters a ghost!

While one may not be interested in every page of the book, the book as a whole is worth reading. The story is stretched at times which you may read superficially. On the other hand, there are certain chapters that are quite interesting and funny which you would feel like reading word by word at a slow pace, assimilating every event and the humour, of course. For the one havng the least idea of banking, certain pages are sure to sound like Greek and Latin (as they did for me).

In the due course of reading the book, you might also get attracted to the Zulu language and if your senses are not steady enough, you might enrol for Zulu classes as well. And at times, you might find yourself smiling or laughing out loudly. Just make sure that no one is around you, lest they think that you are mad.

Go ahead, pick the book and start laughing loud!

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Just noticed this review. Happy to make people smile. Making someone laugh is even better.
Glad you liked it, Ranjith!

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