The perfect festive look

Demands are more but capabilities are less. Choices dwindle, time passes and we suffer. The onset of festive season brings along with it demands of style to satisfy the curious looks of the onlookers; demands of dignity to satisfy the elderly people in the house and finally demands of vibrant colours to satisfy the festive mood that fills the atmosphere.

Style reflects our attitude. Its speaks of our desire to look appealing to others. It gives one the power of attraction to draw the large crowd. It makes one the prince or the princess of the college. It is the reason for fellow employees to feel envious and an opportunity for nature to lay prostrate in admiration of our sense of style that matches own- the style evident in its choice of colours- blue, brown and green forming the basis of a child’s drawing; the style evident in its movement- preferring to follow zigzag lines led by the stones rather than be entropically stable and the style evident even in its fury when the branches of lightning- so glamorous, attractive and ordered, strike the earth.

Dignity draws the attention of the educated and the informed. It is the driver that leads to the success of business proposals. It is the backbone of official etiquette and the reason behind the extra curiosity in the eyes of the onlooker- much more evident than in those eyes that stare at style and stylish people.
A festive occasion demands more. It represents the culmination of style and dignity. Relatives appreciate, visitors admire and Gods bless. One needs a look that appeals, a look that exposes your love, a look that cares for others and a look that makes others comfortable. It is all about the balance between style and dignity- the opposite sides of a deformed coin that partly match.

This festive season, if I am to shop from Shopper’s Stop, the following would be the flow of thoughts that might move through my mind.

The barest minimum that an individual demands is a pair of clothes and for this festive season- a kurta pyjama made vibrant with colours and glittering beads would be the obvious choice. A suit would look too dignified, a casual clothing wouldn’t make the occasion special and hence the following selection.

Next in order comes the footwear. Something that if light to look at and is in coordination with the dress would be an obvious choice.

Timing makes a man perfect and the watch that drives time needs special attention. Analog watches with a metal strap featuring multiple dials go well with all types of clothing and so it does, here too.

An ornament or two enhances the look of every individual: be it a man or a woman. Shoppers stop doesn’t offer too much in this area for men and one has to be content with the following three rings. ( Three rings would be too much for an occasion as glamorous as a festival )

And here is what would result from the virtual shopping.

All set, the festivities are to begin with a demand to indulge deep in celebrations.

And finally here is a video created by me to accompany this post. Enjoy it and do vote for this entry on IndiBlogger here.

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Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your comment...
I like the color choice here.Best of luck to you too. I am glad to see entries on men fashion, because I strongly believe it's high time men get their due in this domain:))

I will follow your blog. Follow mine if you like and I have a FB page too. Please do visit. Thanks again


Hmmm.... real nice and classy. Loved the platinum ring!! All the best.


Thanks for commenting on my blog!!!Love this look!!!


Thanks for voting for me....loved the video!!
best wishes,


Firstly, glad to have discovered your blog!
Must say, you've given a lot of thought to little things and the opening para is quite touching! And this line in particular- style that induces a 'festive mood' is lovely!

All the very best for the contest, nice ensemble and the video too!


Sri Valli

I loved the introduction you gave..It has many interesting points..."Style reflects our attitude." very true...Lovely ensemble and video is good too! All the best for the contest :)

Tanya Sehgal

Quite ethnic. Bravo for the cool selection for the festive season... It suits the overall feel & look handsome at the same time... All the best friend !


awesome look created -loved it -all the best for the contest :D :D


A man can look his colourful best in a sherwani . And thats my favourite colour :) . All the best for the contest ! nice write about in the beginning too . . :)

che sara sara

Good choice for the season... even though my personal favorite would be Indo western wear

Afshan Shaik

first time bumped in to the styling for men kinda post and loved it. Red is my all time fav and I suppose nthng else suits any festival betteer than red

ATB for the contest

Fashion Factive

After going through your post i understood what you wanted to convey by your comment . thanks for the tip. Beautiful post by the way and awesome presentation.


Thanks for commenting on my blog. All the best for the contest to you too.




Perfect Look I must say :)


Great collection of clothes and accessories !!Perfect look.

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