The online gift : A small animated video

(Scroll to the bottom of this post for the video) The best way for one to relax after a busy day is to move on to the streets and enter any store that catches the eye, be it the grocery store, the electronics store or the mega showroom of clothes boasting of inventory from the north, south, east and west. The little fingers move across the display, the nasal receptors sense the freshness of the goods and the ears enjoy the bargains in the background. After an evening stroll in the limited space of a few square metres, either the hands move into the purse or the feet move to the exit door, hoping for the availability of better goods the next time. But gone are the days. Online shopping sites have replaced the physicals shops. The senses of sight, smell and touch have narrowed down to the sole sense of vision. Online cash replaced the good old notes. Online hunt for coupons replaced the never ending bargains. And the circular motion in the comfortable chair replaced the healthy evening stroll.

Online shopping comes with both advantages and disadvantages. There is a wider choice to choose from. There are no sales girls staring at us for window shopping for hours together. Goods get delivered at our doorsteps making customer the king. And we are left with a lot of time for miscellaneous tasks. But that’s not all. We can’t be assured that we like the product we have ordered for unless we touch, feel and see it after it is delivered. Goods are not delivered in hours unless they are pizzas or burgers. Orders are not always easily traceable and lastly, there is a risk of payment. But even then, it comes handy at times unexpected and saves us from complicated situations. Watch this short, animated video of online shopping prepared by me for this contest.

Background music credit: 180 (film)
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Jagriti Gulati

simply wow :)

Amit Ganguly

Interesting video indeed.I agree after a busy day simply sipping a cool beer and moving around the market helps loads.Good wishes for the contest.


superb man :) awesome piece of writing

Balaji G S

Nice one Ranjith. A real way to cool it off.......

Khoty Mathur

Making these animated videos is absorbing and most enjoyable.


awesome it is :) :)


We are running and running..
become a Google robot and the Internet


Enjoyed the video.. all the best for hte contest ..


Anupama K. Mazumder

Couldnt see the video from office, but will do soon.

Yes, the online shopping spree is taking on: some even offer cash on delivery, so that reduces the risk of payment somewhat.


Much as I waited, the video didn't open up!

Priya Arora

hahah!!very cute yet powerful ! liked it :-)


Good one..


nice one Ranjith,,

All the best for the contest

how did you create this video.. its amazing and simply conveying the message crisply

Suparna Rijhwani

i like the video, simple and sweet and the background music very relaxing! I guess i now feel like indulging in online shopping.


Like the video, the walking one was funny

ekta khetan

Good do you create such videos..the animated ones? Cool


@ numerounity The animation was created using flash.

Bride and Baraati

One of the best video that i have come across so far for the contest work well done..


aww!! cute indeed :)

indu chhibber

Cute video- all the best.

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