The resumed trials for success

Success isn’t the outcome of a single trial but the result of passing through several of those failures which are the stepping stones to success. Every trial leads to a failure which claims itself to be the pathway to success, which of course has the probability of being another failure making the same claims. Failures accumulate over one another in stable arrangement lest the record of failures perish in the long run. They are instrumental in encouraging the last failure go ahead only to see a longitudinal increase in the arrangement that speaks for itself. They pile up to an extent where the addition of just another single failure collapses the entire structure.

Fears of the proof to the struggle till then collapsing, prevents one from moving ahead in most of the cases. A record that reminds one of the unachieved goals and of the struggle and pain experienced till them is thought to be much better than of crumbled sand that a record of age and time but not the purpose. The failure stands atop the monumental structure waiting lonely to see a miracle happen with no human intervention.

The sun rises and sets. The winds blow. The sun draws out every drop of water from those failures, the sweat that symbolises what has been sacrificed in a bid to attain success. And rain drops hit the ground. Just like new life emerging from barren land, overcoming all obstacles, a new hope emerges from those failures that were a result of those long halted trials. With a renewed hope to taste success, the trials are resumed only to be paused later on when the same fears that once existed shadow the promised joy if that success is achieved.



Perfect--perfect. Light and shadow comes in better accept it as it is rather than suffer the pressure of needing to be "hopeful". Everything is as it should be. Period. Graceful radical acceptance the key.


awesome ....elicited such a true subject in a such a candidly creative way , loved the pic grt :)


Very interesting write up.


very true and nicely written. Life is a circle after all.


Most intriguing post with highly ornamental language I have ever read. The last part of sun, sweat and rain was even more touching.

excellent post. beautiful pic. :-)


Good. Really interesting.


THe last paragraph sums it all up so very nicely ..

loved reading this


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