A day with Kyra: And lot more days

The still beauty of the rising sun greets the early risers. The beauty of the shadows cast on the solid ground by the overhead sun brings scores of people towards it. The beauty of the setting sun is implicit in the message that it spreads out- the promise of another dawn. Beauty is what leads the world and makes everyone live, with no exception of me- the premised gift of spending a day at the beach alongside Kyra, the beauty queen and the mascot of Lakme.

A boon or a bane
While the thought of being gifted a precious day alongside Kyra makes me floating in the air, the thought of the necessity to depart towards the end of that day makes me think if the boon is in reality a bane. But rejection of the proposal would mean the loss of an opportunity that confronts us not so often. Having made my mind toy accept the rare gift, an attempt would be made to capture each of those moments on paper, on photographic films and in the depths of my heart to enable them to be revisited later on in my life when life would appear lonely devoid of fun and excitement.

The exterior looks
Beauty lies in the heart which needs to be supplemented with external beauty to enhance it.  My loving Kyra needs to be the best in the world and here is a long list prepared which would be applied on her face in a sequence to enhance here looks: Lakme fruit moisture, Lakme sun expert, and a whole range of other cosmetics and lipstick. But a thought pondered over me- Aren’t these things such that they would get wiped off with just a splash of water over the face? Beauty that would last longer is what Kyra deserves- a paste of turmeric spread over her face and wiped off with crystal pure water to reveal a glowing face that would stay on for ages. Now, it’s time to decide what needs to be done.

The memorial
Graves were at times been built by rulers while they were alive and so would it be done here too- A memorial to mark the end of the day built out of sand by Kyra and me. Every grain of sand int it would be lucky enough to have been touched by the hands of Kyra and those grains of sand would be blessed by God with divine powers to recreate the day later on in life to see another memorial being built.

Being a child
Childhood is infact the best part of one’s life when there was neither the need to think about the past that was too short to have been an adobe to any mistakes committed nor there was the need to think about the future whose meaning was unknown. Same would be the case here. We would enter into the world of children and play all the pranks a second time that were once a part of our lives- Running around on the sands and in water, destroying castles built by the hundreds of little children out there and apologising for the same by rebuilding the castles. And not to be forgotten are the games that we have played during our childhood: hide and seek being the only one that I remember.

Much more than a child
Being child is easier but nature demands us to grow. There is a need to accept responsibilities. We would spend time as thrown ups, talking to each other about our interests, our life and every other detail that would be deemed necessary at that point of time.

The end and a new beginning
Relationships are happier when they last for shorter intervals of time but the essence of a relationship lies in making them last lifelong or in securing memories that would stay with us till our death. The memories etched in my heart of the day spent with Kyra would be sufficient to call the friendship a successful one!



Njoyd it


yes agree with u , nice post ;)


Amma!!!! right on!!! Turmeric and crystal pure water way better than anything else...

indu chhibber

The memorials which you build in your heart! they will enliven your solitude-good thought!


nice ..enjoyed reading ..

ekta khetan

emotional but lakme is trying to create a mascot in Kyra and you just killed her, making her a thing of past....nice post but sad ending...no?



Loved it! Also the drawing, we both have hand drawn paintings for this contest. Best Luck Ranjith:)


You made me smile. So refreshing on a hot summer morning. Best to you


Very interesting and enjoyable post.


all the best for the contest


Loved it

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