What defines a biker?

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Life isn’t all about seeing time pass away to realise the end and attain moksha. It is indeed all about enjoying every moment and making every moment enjoyable. The joy being referred to here is attained by people in a multitude of ways. While some go along the path of spirituality, a few others transverse along the path that forbids it. People also search for joy in food, clothes, comfort and various other things. However, one needs to accept that the joy felt needs to be something that can be cherished later on in life and something that once can be proud of. And one such thing that satisfies these criteria is adventure on vehicles.
Moving images of your fall from the bicycle, the stunts you made on your bike and the decency and style with which you have got out of your car might be moving in front of your eyes. While the cycle is something meant for tiny tots, recollection of which does not bring any fear or excitement and the car is something thought to be meant only for business men; the bike is the perfect match for a life filled with thrill, adventure and excitement. But what exactly defines a biker? Courage, speed, control… or something else?

On a windy day wrapped in an overcoat that seemed to be reluctant to stay on the body, Ramesh set out on his bike for a thrilling ride. Riding at speeds that crossed the limits that were displayed on the signboards, Ramesh though that he was much ahead of the world racing into the future. On his way, along the side of the road, little children were walking by foot to reach their school on time. But time seemed to be in race with the children’s determination not to be marked altering. Helplessly, they waved their hands but the least response did they receive. Speed was essential for the children but it was in the possession of Ramesh who did not have the heart to use it for someone in need. Did speed define the biker?

Moving ahead, the speedometer reading was raised even further. The air in view seemed to be pushed forward with tremendous force and the space behind felt like vacuum. The blowing wind seemed to hurl itself at the naked eyes of Ramesh and in the process, an old man crossing the road was hit. The brakes were applied all of a sudden and the bike stopped with a jerk. The old man was covered in blood. He was still in his senses and could have been saved but Ramesh ignored him fearing being arrested for his avoidable mistake. He did have the courage to raise speed above acceptable levels but not the courage to help someone who was a victim of his courage! Did courage define the biker?

With the passage of time, the guilt in him started rising. His mental stability stated moving out of his control. He feared worse things taking place. For a quick relief, he thought of those stunts over which he had perfection, thanks to the control he has possessed over his bike. The bike went round and round in circles, moved on a single wheel and managed to stay upright even with no aid from the hands of the biker. But alas… he lost control and was seriously injured. His head was bleeding. He was almost becoming unconscious. He saw two school children though his half open eyes who bothered not about him for they might get late for their tuition classes. Another biker rode past him but he did not have the courage to help him. Ramesh did have control over his bike to a certain extent but not the control over his mental stability that could have averted the disaster. Did control define the biker?

The question remains answered…. What exactly defines a biker?

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Fantastic post. Being a biker myself, I can relate to all 3 aspects, but don't think any of them define a biker per se'! To me, being one with the bike to the extent that the bike does what's in your mind, while being fully aware of the environment around - including students (always cheerful, come what may!), elderly people (who suddenly decide to run across the road for whatever reason!) and fellow bikers (wow, what a variety of bikes & characters that ride 'em!) is what defines a biker (& his bike, of course :-)


I was a passionate biker in my early thirties. Used to riding in quite many places in the hills of Meghalaya. Used to enjoy it. That passion - that defines a biker for me.


wow.. you post is making me hate this weather more and more here.. Summers come on .. casue then I can get my bike out .. the trusted enfield bullet ..

all the best for the contest

Ghumakkar Punit

Awesome take...the question certainly remains unaswered!
Ironically for most of the people Biker is defined by someone who breaches Courage/Speed/Control every now and then, and it's certainly true to limit where it can be taken as a generalised fact... But as a Rider and say safe Biker, I know that the control over these three factors and living the Riding as a parallel life defines a 'True' Biker :)


You have underlined the answers in your questions you are asking . one who masters these three situations does define a real biker. Very well written. All the best Ranjith


A nice post. But i liked the graffiti even more.
Defining a biker isn't easy. The image you have drawn here is one which many people share. It is also the image, that ever biker would always fear.
I believe, one has to ride safe always. After all isn't it the only way to keep riding more? :)

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Jayashree Srivatsan

Nice post! Good Luck for the contest!


Hii dude,
I know I didn't reached u r heights ..but as reader(where I become to read most recently) I inspired alot from your blog and hence

An award waiting for you @

Please accept it as my token of appreciation for your great work!!


Sriram J

Good one man.real good one..

Arun kumar

nice one. my vote for u!

Positive Thinking

Nice Blog Post.


Hi, This post won a prize in blogging contest, Now I read this just to see whether it is better than mine.

Yes it is 100 times better. You have fantastic writing skills

Congrats !!!


Princess Poo

Woah! This is awesome Ranjith. You nailed it man.
You have written so wonderfully :D.
Totally deserves a prize man :D.
Congrats on winning ;)

Loved it. Just loved it :D.

Sunita Sriram

Congratulations Ranjith! I feel guilty for not reading such a lovely post earlier with a clear statement .

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