Revert the change

Change is the essence of existence, life and continuity but devoid are they of change. Change is the driving force that helps one travel from one time frame to another. Change is the thing that breaks monotony and leads to the arousal of interest in life. Change is the crux of survival- survival that demands past experiences to be forgotten. Change is what leads to demands innumerable for changes to be incorporated by the law, by the legislation, by the executive, by a human, by a society, by nature and by the Almighty.

But nowhere do we see a demand or a request for change from those voices that are oppressed. A reference isn’t being made to those downtrodden classes that area tool in the hands of skilful politicians but all that is being talked about is those souls who dare not speak for fear of their voice being suppressed, those who dare not express for fear of their opinions being lost in the expanse and those who dare not demands a change supporting them for fear of support being given to a movement against them.

While each one has been granted by law the right to lead life of their will, there are those light hearted ones who are driven not by the self but by the world. They wish to express each and every emotion and feeling of love, affection, sympathy and confidence but the materialistic world has gone too far to pay heed to them. Gone are the days when humans had hearts and gone are the days when those hearts were residences to feelings. The world knows no more of them, not even by their name and least does it care to know what they all mean and why they have a need to be meaningful. But there were those people, countable on one’s fingers whocouldn’t adjust and had a belief and hope that the world cannot live in the absence of those feelings for ever. But little did they realise that the world had a capability to live in that fashion for a millennium if not for ever.

Their feelings were concealed in the hearts and the humantraits were preserved with care lest the world infect them and make those words an endangered entity. Every second of their lives witnesses and oppression. Love from them isn’t accepted because the world has an even greater love for money. Feelings of those souls aren’t cared for because the world feels that their feelings are of no materialistic value. Their advices and feelings are not cared for or heeded to because the world doesn’t view them as being worth enough to be considered or followed.

In return they are demanded to change in the way the world has changed for the worst. They are taught to distinguish and differentiate people- people with value and people without value, of course in terms of money. They are attacked for trying to infuse those feelings the world has decided to bid a good bye for ever. But change cannot affect them and so are they the same- the same lovable beings possessing an ocean of love and an unbound friendship. But change is the essence of life but these souls are not the ones who ought to change.

The world requires as change- a rollback to the past. A change is necessary to revert the change that has a taken place. The world has to necessarily change if those few souls need to continue their existence. Change the world in a way that would accommodate those suppressed feelings, infinite in extent and magnitude. Change is necessary to uphold the essence of change. Change for the best and change for love!


C Suresh

Needless to say, I agree. You have been through my two posts for this competition and you know my thinking parallels yours.

Geeta Singh

nice! all the best !


fully agrees..!


Yes, yes, yes.


The only constant thing in life is change. Great post.



Anu Russell

very nicely written and worded!


all the best..

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