Happy Birthday to My Friend

Life, a confluence of feelings and emotions, bundled together in an intricate and complex way which even the Almighty might find difficult to recreate does halt at times. Everything appears blank. Voices seem to speak from nowhere. The path to be followed appears to have not been laid out. In short, life comes to a standstill and an illusion, which might be a reality with equal probability; that the end of the last chapter of the book- life has been reached gets deeply rooted in the fragile ocean of memories, destructible even with the slightest jerk.
But every ending necessarily possesses another beginning to which a transition not necessarily smooth takes place. Life converges to a problem from where it diverges to solutions, several of them, among which one particular path, necessarily the one that fulfils the characteristics of the roller coaster life is followed. Memories of the past turn into realities of the present with newer experiences that tend to represent the lost past. Ages might have been passed since the transition has taken place but memories never fade for they keep taking place again and again with a wish and a hope that the present would never again turn into a history of the past.

The new path is a convergence not of innumerable entities but of a single soul and a single friend whose radiance, love and affection can equal those thousands of worthy individuals. Difficulties and misunderstandings might take place in the rare pages of memories but they get solved for life is a synonym to the solutions that provide an answer to the problems. Uncertainty with the future does haunt the mind but a positive thought that life would take care makes us move forward. Hundreds and thousands of co passengers make an attempt, which hopefully wouldn’t provide them those results; to retract the path followed to that divergence of solutions to move forward with another different solution, making one lose the present in the hands of those people.

Stronger is the bond and strongest is the determination to make the bond stronger. It is known that life would continue and ultimately there exists a considerable probability of landing amidst a cluster of problems and solutions but a wish and a hope is omnipresent in the heart that life wouldn’t be shattered to be recollected with pain and suffering.

Unknown is the future but dreams have been built in the air that might either collapse or be supported by that friend. Unknown is the path to be followed. Unknown is the course of action to be taken in case of shattering of life into innumerable pieces. Unknown are the forces that led life to this point and so are the forces that would take life to its destination. Unknown are the unknowns. All that is known and protected from all the sides is this particular day when the purest form of life - my friend- had taken his first breath. I wish my friend a happy birthday and a long life in my presence.



Happy Birthday, My Friend! :)

Shamsud Ahmed

Happy Birthday to your friend


Happy birrhday.

A confusing one!


he is lucky to have a friend like u


That's what I call purefriendship...wishing your friend a very happy birthday:))
Beautiful lines..

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Happy BirthDay

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