The permanent existence

The things that promise to stay with us for ever for the belief we have in them might not always fulfil those sacred promises. Priorities keep changing with the passage of time, situations and circumstances surrounding people and events undergo unnoticeable transformations and in the process, promises remain as promises to be fulfilled in the next life.

Even the sacred books emphasize on the theory that the world is an illusion and nothing can be assured of permanent existence. While the emphasis in that case is on materialistic things, human feelings and relations too are bound to obey that theory of illusion and non-permanent existence. Even nature wishes to convey this particular idea to us. Every leaf and flower that takes life withers away and dies. The music of the nightingale comes to an end one day. Even the sun, which appears to stay fixed to the sky in atleast half of the world at any moment has to shed away its nature of permanent existence someday, if not in a few years atleast in few billion years.

When the mighty sun, often referred to as the sun god, cannot shield himself from that unavoidable death, human relations in no way can boost of being omnipresent in every frame of the past, present and the future.

Situations that have led to the creation of that relation might negate themselves to bury that relation in the deep sands of time. What has been an attracting factor the previous day might turn out to be the most undesirable one at the time of breakup. Those sweetest words exchanged between the two people might re implant themselves as the harshest and the cruellest words the world would have never head in the past. Silly fights that have boosted the relation in the past might now support the breakup.

But, there is something being missed out. The relation is broken because a relation is an encompassment of the feelings of two people and in most of the cases; it is the inability of one of them to understand the other that leads to the theory of non-permanent existence being satisfied. The other, who still wishes to keep the relation intact, preserves those sweet memories of the past and takes care of them not allowing them to leave the brain cells with a hope of the relation being revived.

Friendship and love might die but the feelings associated with them live for ever till the last sun sets.



That is so true! Never thought of it like that before about relationships. That looks like a very interesting book.




@ Lisa Thank you. Each one has looks at things around them in a different perspective and this is my perspective on relationships.


Every leaf and flower that takes life withers away and dies. The music of the nightingale comes to an end one day.

that was an interesting insight,, ranjith gr8 !!


Thank you Readitt.

Deepak Karthik

Well analysed Ranjith, i feel MONEY as the third one after friendship and love :)


Tracy Chapman sang: "All the bridges that you burn / Will come back one day to haunt you." Relationships are of vital importance in life.
Kudos to you for highlightng that.


Thank you matheikal...

M'Bai Madrasi

nice true:-)


Well said! Feelings definitely live forever, it's just that may be the dust of time settles and buries them somewhere. You have painted an insightful picture into the concept of relationships and it's intricacies.


Well said! We need to understand that the only thing constant in life is change. Why do relationships because people tend to take each other for granted..that should be avoided. And I feel feelings also change..ask any couple who had a love marriage and you would find each cribbing..he/she doesn't love me the way like earlier!

Maitreyee Bhattacharjee Chowdhury

'The more things change..the more they remain the same'..nice read :)


@ Arti Yes, its true that the differences arising is nothing more than the dust. We need to ensure that the dust isn't the only thing that would be ultimately left to ensure a life long relation.
@ bemoneyaware Hope that the world gets rid of that unwanted change!

T F Carthick

Interesting thoughts. I heard the same philosophy from a friend of mine a few years back and was totally bought in on the same. She told me that people and relationships are impermanent but the memories we have of our times with them stay for a life time. She was mentioning in the context of her mother's death at an young age and the multiple break ups she had been through.

Fanchon Stylezz

very nice thanks for sharing


Bro, A Leibster award for you my friend.


Relationships are complex and so are humans that get into them. When a bond is made it has the vision of permanence and when it breaks it is encompassed by the philosophy of impermanence . Quite flexible thought process to get into one and get out of it. Still there are people to be with for life , relationships to die for and in the journey building memories to smile later. These would only form if the truth of life that everything is mortal and bound to cease is understood and accepted.

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