Those few words

Often life becomes boring, uninteresting and hopeless. Ages have passed since this soul has landed on this blue planet. Every day was monotonous, at least for a majority of the time. There was nothing that could interest me. Added to this was the repeated loss of hope in every endeavour of mine. Often did I look at that empty still air standing in front of me, representing the void in my life. And that day too was similar.

The preceding days have witnessed tons of failure along with a very few successes which would have gained precedence over those failures, had there been an assurance from those failures of their permanent existence. Life was moving on and I too was, along with it. The air was so silent that I least expected something to disturb it. But, someone had called.

 It wasn’t the usual ones calling me but that special friend whose recent entry into my life created fluctuating waves of hope. That call, of my name was highly musical talking around three or four seconds, that did make me wonder if my name was so special to stay on someone else’s lips for a time longer than usual. That moment was so unexpected that my feet had to halt all of a sudden, that I would have fallen down, injuring myself, had there been no support and a helping hand of that friend.

Silence, which used to be usually encountered on a visit to that friend, was now replaced with music- the talks between that friend and myself. It wasn’t a long talk but still it had the capability to keep me happy at least for the next few hours, which I would have spent with the usual regret for things unachieved and incomplete.

 A revelation of the slightest pain that I had experienced earlier did see tears roll down his cheeks. I could see the reflection of one happy face, which had cast itself in a sorrow till then, in those precious drops of tears. And the, expressing my happiness for trivial things and informing him of my trivial success did make him smile after expressing a slight gesture of amazement for reasons well known. That smile and the expressions on his face did make him look like a small child, innocent enough to believe this world.

And then did follow the usual farewell that induced in me two completely different, contrasting feelings: a fear that I might not be able to meet him again and a feeling of happiness that I am being cared for, thanks to those few words…


Saru Singhal

I can so relate to few lines in the post. Beautifully worded and touched my heart...



Good one...Life is cruel at times(when failures seem more than tear) ..and it is so lonely..Those few words are sometimes only glimmer of hope...Beautifully worded post..BTW who called?


Nice musings of your meeting with an old acquaintance i suppose


@ bemoneyaware It has been left for the reader to understand. I think that I mentioned that it was my friend.
@ Deguide Thank you but you're wrong. It was a meeting with a very new acquaintance of mine.


I am so impress :))
very nice !
I am touch ..


loved the last para ....

Rajendra Raikwar

Very nice

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Love those lines

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