The rise and fall of hopes

A smooth unbranched unipath life was suddenly obstructed. The single road diverged into a thousand and a decision was demanded. Someone could be seen waving their hand. A thought did move over that it might be the call of friendship that promises to be by my side forever. Straight did I heed towards it. The smile on both our faces did cross boundaries.

Tiredness did not stop the journey. But something did interrupt. Darkness crept in from nowhere. Thunderstorms did follow. The destined place could only be seen faintly. Rain drops did show their hatred by
splashing against the face.

Time did pass. Situations did return to normalcy. However, the smile of the friend had departed along with the calamity.

I went forward expecting it to return. Impressed by my faithful act, after continuous tests on me for a month the smile did return welcoming me as before. My confidence did escalate and touch the skies only to find itself fall to miles underground a few days later when the smile along with the person did disappear.

I had nowhere to go. Shall I retrace my path or continue walking with a hope that my wished one would return back?

I had once promised that I would never in my life leave my friend. The winds had carried the message for me. But now the one to whom it was promised did break for he was not in the clutches of any promises made. Here I stand unable to decide. But destiny played its role. Unending hope did propel me forward.

I walked and walked when one day even before the sunrise; a message did present itself on my path. It read, ‘Your friend is returning.’ What was the reason for him having left me, and why did he wish to return back? None including that friend knows it. But I, overjoyed, continued the remaining journey.

Ultimately the place was reached and there stands the friend for whom I had crossed hurdles uncountable. He held my hand, put it into his and promised saying, ‘Never will I leave your hand. I promise to be by your side for ever.’

My wish was fulfilled. I have attained everlasting joy in the company of the one who likes me to the utmost.



Ranjith, it's my first time over at your site, and I'm VERY impressed with your level of writing!

This is a great look at what hopes can do to us, for good and bad. Thanks for sharing Ranjith, you're a great writer :-)


Thanks for your encouragement, Stuart.
It is infact readers and co- bloggers like you who will surely make me a great writer


Ranjith, you have quite a way with words, my friend! Thanks for sharing this! I really enjoyed your style!


Thank you Bryan
- Ranjith



You have done it again. Thanks for sharing your gift with the world. You have a talent when it comes to telling stories. Thanks


Wonderful Writing style. How long have you been writing for?

Jk Allen

You are a gifted writer. Seriously, you're gifted. Thank you so much for sharing this! Very encouraging Ranjith!


To Frank,
Thank you for calling me a story teller
To jonathanfigaro
I always wished that I could write something that others like from the time I was in class eight. Currently I am studing Intermediate second year (Class 12 equivalent) and have started this blog on October 18.
To Jk Allen,
Thanks for calling me a gifted writer. This is the best compliment that I ever received and can never forget in my life.

Jenny Fletcher

It's an unusual style of writing, maybe coming from the fact that the writer's first language might not be English. It is something that you get used to after reading more than one post and it has a rhythm of its own which is mysterious and enchanting.


Thank you Jenny Fletcher. English is not my mother tongue but is the medium in which I have studied. I deliberately break the rules of grammar to give a poetic effect.



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