Caught in a cluster of feelings and emotions

One billion, eight hundred and ninety two million, thirty four thousand seconds is what an average person needs to experience during his lifetime. Every moment presents to him unseen surprises, some of which when opened turn into delights while a majority of them simply leave some sort of expression on our faces, gleaming till then, that is now sufficient to induce a feeling of pity in someone else’s heart for us.

We are caught in a cluster of feelings, so well networked similar to that of a spider’s web and ever expanding. Love, friendship, happiness, sorrow, pity, loneliness, excitement, eagerness, joy, heartbreaks, laughter and grief are just a few among the millions of feelings, many of which have reached to such great heights, making them feel insulted by being described by words which are after all a collection a few letters, that they remain unknown for ever.

A moment of your life makes you smile and enjoy the warmth of the event. Even before you complete your smile, life has in place a huge loss for you to be regretted, making you shed tears on to the land that possesses the power to rupture the seed coat of an ungerminated seed buried deep in the earth.

And a moment later, you find your self all alone. Earlier there was a person to enjoy your success and smile with you in time of happiness and share your sorrow; and a hundred people who laugh when you cry. At least the feeling that someone does follow your emotions kept your spirits from falling. But now the four cornered room is a witness to all that is to happen.

And in a minute your anger exceeds limits and you throw an exotic flower vase intricately designed onto the floor, shattering it into a thousand and one pieces. Then starts a regret for having unable to admire and protect an art piece, even after being a connoisseur of fine arts.

The sound of the waterfalls gives you an incentive to step forward. You meet your friend there and have a long chat with him over a cup of coffee.

Few more hours pass off in a moment and you see your friend slipping over the rock and departing to the adobe of god. A thousand tears are shed. The loss is highly regrettable but life has to go on and so does the saga of clustered feelings.

You find your life partner and in a few months and experience the joy of being a parent. You experience joy and along with it burden that adds to the existing drama in life.

Thousands of milestones to be crossed, all of which happens in seconds and there you are in an armchair resting in complete peace, thinking over the past and trying to recollect your experiences, the people you have met and of the situations that could never be withdrawn from your heart. Not even having completed a mere one percent of the recollection when god makes a call stating that it is high time that you set on your journey either to heaven or to hell.

Life is a cluster of feelings- so vast that one could get lost in it if he is to explore every aspect of a feeling with commitment. The best thing that you can do is to take life as it comes and cherish a few of them later on in your life. The happiness that something that you wished take place, had in fact been realized in reality atleast once, can give you the feeling of complete achievement.




My goodness you have a way with words. The cluster of emotions is so intricate that if they are manipulated in any fashion other than what they are intended for they can ripple the space time continuum. :-) (This is my sad attempt to be as profound as you were in this piece) lol!

No, but seriously I agree with this on such a deep level. Life is full of ups and downs, challenges and triumphs, and joys and sorrows. These are guaranteed like the sun rising or the waves crashing. That is why it is so important to learn to live in the moment and let go of the past and stop worrying about the future.

I truly enjoyed reading this. Keep up the great work.


Thanks very much for the inpiration
- Ranjith


hello ranjith
how are you?
i am going to agree with frank on this one and you cut straight to the heart of the matter with regards to life. some call life a vicious cycle others call it a learning cycle. i would rather stick to the latter.
your conclusion the best thing that you can do is to take life as it comes and cherish a few of them later on in your life should actually sum up our approach to the issues and events of life.
take care of yourself and enjoy the rest of the day


Thank you ayo.
- Ranjith

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