What they meant when looks can kill

What they meant when looks can kill? In this article I am neither talking about beauty nor any material possession but about something else that is more precious, which is commendable to be rewarded which you yourself will realize after reading this short story that should hardly take a few seconds but will surely consume you and your soul into fire to purify it to offer you a new spirit devoid of any ill feelings, jealousy or hatred of any kind.

As I was walking through a deserted street, early in the morning on a cold day even before the sun rays have stolen the darkness, I could find one among the billions in this world who was awake- awake to the maximum, his senses keen and his eyes and moments still as though they were searching for someone who would but present us just a single glance, challenging us to find him on that foggy day.

As I neared him, my heart beat even faster and unknown feelings arose in me- feelings that were only feelings and nothing else, a feeling of pity to that small child who was dressed up in rags whom I thought might be a victim of a flood wherein he was left behind to dwell on this cruel world, his parents being consumed in it, a feeling of sadness having realized that the situation of many others is like him, a feeling that was compelling me to ask him his details, a feeling to help him and a feeling which was after all a felling to weep for him.

Overcoming my shyness to be confronted with a small child unknown to me I asked him “what are you doing here?” to which I received a quick, short answer, unworthy to be called as an answer but to be called as a philosophical lecture or rather a philosophical sentence or a quest “I was looking for someone who can help me”.

What they meant when looks can kill !!!!



Thats quite interesting. Often we assume that help will be asked and often the ones that really need help are the ones who can't even ask for it...
Keep writing...



“I was looking for someone who can help me”

This sentence itself describes the title! Nicely written :D


Every time I see this, there's a new crack in my heart.

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