I hate you

I hate you... The first time in my life I have been deceived. I loved you even more than I love myself. I had immense faith and confidence in you to have blindly followed your footsteps. I have done all that you have wanted. I have left many things for you.

I was even ready to bring down the stars if you have asked them. I have filled you with loads of love and affection which none can do.

Overjoyed was I when my eyes visualized the beauty of the world, when my ears listened to the voice as sweet as the nightingale, when my hands touched your tender feet where I was ready to lead my life, and when I could perceive the warmth emanating from your heart. I have loved you so much.

You have promised that you will be by my side for ever and never leave my hand but you have not kept your promise.

You were too selfish to have left me, to dwell in the adobe of god, never to return again.

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It is very painful to be deceived.I can relate to your story.I should say i know the feeling.The best thing you can do is to look for inspirational quotes that will calm you dawn.Growing with hattered is not good for you becouse you are hurting everyday.

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