Things that define Pavitra

The life of every human being is special in its own way. There are things that define a person and make them what they are. The passion in them for things that they love makes their life an inspiration for all. But often, such passionate people, who abide by rules that they have framed for themselves to be successful in life often supressed by the society they live in. And in the case of women, the suppression is even more. They are expected to follow certain norms and if they do not, they are called outcasts. This is the story of Pavitra whom I had met accidentally while touring a remote village in the state of Tamil Nadu. She gave me a glass of tea, sipping which, I, with rapt attention listened as she told her story.

Pavitra, during her childhood as every other child, had played with the other children in the fields, indulged in pranks and her  naughtiness never had a limit. But then, a twist of events took place. At a young age of eight, arrangements were going on to get her married. She watched all the events unfolding around her in shock. She was a clever child and was familiar with the evils present in the society, even at that time. She knew that her voice would be silenced if she had protested. All her arguments would be ignored and her talks would be ridiculed as rubbish. But then, she couldn’t let things happen that way. She had to do something and so she did. She ran away from her house and grew up on her own braving all the difficulties that she encountered. People searched for her for days and months and finally left hopes of finding her.

Ten years later, she went back to the same village from where she ran away that day. Noting has changed right from the fields and the lanes to the evil customs. There was vibrance in the air. A child marriage was taking place. She did what she wanted to do ten years ago. And since then, she never looked back. She spends every day of hers striving to put an end to the evil tradition.

Her story came to an end and so did the tea in my cup. I left the place, taking along with a story that inspires me even today.

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