Inspired, by the flower

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Drops of sweat were trickling down the forehead of Radha. She had to take a decision that would change not only her life, but of many others. She languidly walked towards the window, away from the focus of those in the house waiting for her decision. She saw a flower through the window, which was in a same state as that of her. It petals were lifeless. The stamens and anthers were drooping. The harsh summer seemed to have taken out every bit of enthusiasm and liveliness from the flower. It was all alone, succumbing to the cruelties inflicted on it.

Radha was about to turn to those eagerly waiting for her response and accept her defeat. But then, something caught the attention of her eyes. A few butterflies appeared from nowhere into the scene and started hovering around the flower, landing on it occasionally. It appeared as if they were trying to wake up the dead flower. But they were unsuccessful. However, the butterflies didn't lose hope.

Five minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes… Time kept passing. The ones waiting for her response grew impatient and shouted, ‘Radha! Do you need a lifetime to take a decision?’ Radha quickly turned towards those cruel hearted people. Her eyes were filled with tears. But they couldn't move those hearts. In slow strides, she started moving towards them, making up her mind to accept defeat. As she moved forward, she kept turning back repeatedly to take a look at the kaleidoscope of butterflies and the lovely flower. The butterflies wanted the flower to live while the humans around her wanted her to leave behind each and every ambition and goal of her. For one last time, she took a look and then and a miracle took place.

The drooping petals and anthers appeared to have been infused with a new life. They were coming back to life like a phoenix. The butterflies cheered in joy and Radha with a voice full of confidence said, ‘I do not wish to change my path. Those who are not comfortable with it are free to move out of my life!’ Everyone moved out of the house and also out of Radha’s life.

Tears started to accumulate in her eyes and ran down her cheeks. But these tears, unlike the previous ones, are divine in their own right. She sat down on the chair, opened her diary and read out to herself the proceedings from the previous day.

Sharath! His memories are still fresh in my heart as if we both have met just a few hours ago. His death was an irreparable loss that made me go to the extent of committing suicide. But the forces of nature wanted me to live and repent for his loss for a time long enough to purify my soul. Days and months, I've spent in darkness and then a turn of events happened. I saw Sharath in my dream. He was still and had a smile on his face. He stood that way for a long time and before taking leave, he said ‘Radha, you need to live. Our love too should live!’. That dream changed the perception of my life and its purpose. If not today, after my death, our souls would unite. I had to live and make my life and our love meaningful.

I have started an organisation with some of my friends to offer a supportive had to those who face severe setbacks  in their lives, like me. My life became busy and eventful since then. Then, Shekhar entered into my life even without my knowledge. He became a part of me just the way Sharath had, in the past. Time moved too quickly and now, I am being asked to choose between him and the work started in the memory of Sharath. He loved me too much and wanted me to spend every second of my life thinking of him. But I still love Sharath and everything associated with him. I need to take a decision - to either live with memories or of the past or of the present, to keep up the promise that I made to myself or forget everything to be loved once again.

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Tanya Sehgal

Wow that was lovely :) Beautifully penned down. Please do tell us what happened next, I mean what did she decided ? First time on your blog and totally loved it.

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