Skyscanner and Joy

It was a wonderful day. It had rained heavily the previous night and the soil was still moist even as the sun had already risen. The birds were singing and the leaves were playing to their tune. Rahul sat at the window watching the play of nature. Even before he could wonder how the day was so pleasant, his wife swiftly entered the room. She looked much more gorgeous than any other day. She was dressed in a sari and jewellery covered a greater part of her body. Surprised, Rahul asked her if anything was special that day. The smile on her face quickly turned into a frown and she swiftly moved out of the room.

Rahul sat at the desk banging his head trying to understand what had happened and how he is supposed to react. A few minutes passed and he realised that it was their marriage day. Forgetting one’s marriage day - the most important event in life! Rahul is sure to suffer that day with the torture of Rekha had he not thought of the quick present - How about an unplanned trip?

Thoughts started moving around in his mind. In such a short duration? Is it possible? Why not? Skyscanner comes the rescue. He quickly turned on his laptop and opened SkyScanner - the one stop destination for travel and holidays. But where should they go? Taj Mahal! The place where he proposed his love to Rekha. In a few minutes, the flight and hotel tickets were booked and he was ready to surprise here.

He looked for her around the house and after an exhaustive search, he found her in the kitchen cutting vegetables with one hand and wiping tears with the other. Rahul hugged her from behind, flashed the tickets and the tears transformed into joy.

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