The robot and stubble

‘Eureka!’, the scientist shouted and his heart stopped beating in excitement. A robot capable of thinking and taking decisions like humans has been introduced to the world. People started celebrating the success unaware of the future. Few days passed and the intelligence of the robots crossed people’s imagination.

The robots had announced a war on humans. In an hour, there was not a single human alive. Dead bodies were seen all around. Another hour passed and all the dead bodies were cleared. The world of humans had turned into a world of bots.

Several years passed.

The robots were busy performing diagnostic tests on one another checking for errors and malfunctioning when a spaceship landed at the headquarters of the robots. Thousands of men and women got down from the spaceship. They were the ones who managed to flee away from the Earth and escaped being killed at the hands of the robots. A single robot was assigned the task of dealing with those thousands of men and women.

Every second, a human lost his life. After a few hours, the battlefield was left with the robot and just one other man, ready to be killed at the hands of the robot. But fate thought otherwise.

The lone man removed the protective head gear and looked at the robot. The robot transmitted some commands to the other robots and in a few seconds, all the other robots dismantled one another. All that was left on earth was the lone man and the robot.

The clean shaven look of the man bowled the robot.

This is an entry for Protest Against Unclean Stubble Activity in association with BlogAdda.

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