The Repeated Story - Ring The Bell

She stood at the door tightly clutching it with her hands, tears rolling down her cheeks and eyes staring at the stars in the sky. A few years ago, the sky was a resident to just a single star - one star was all that she was made to look at. 

She used to sleep in her mother’s lap and listen to all that she was told about her grandmother - from the naughty pranks she played as a child to the pain she endured after being married off to a drunkard and how fighting  all odds bought up the child. She wanted to give her a good life and got her married to a good person but soon the good man showed his true colours. 

The story of the past repeated itself with the little girl’s mother. She saw the days pass silently with tears. One fine day, the father decided to marry her to an old man after being lured with money. Her mother opposed and she was beaten to death.

The child was still staring at the sky. In a few more hours, she would become someone else’s property. Decisions would be taken by others on her behalf. She would be nothing more than a rock obeying orders. With all these thoughts, she walked around the holy fire.

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