The Party

In a few more hours, the house would be bustling with activity. A party was thrown to celebrate Rahul’s graduation from the university. He would be loaded with gifts and the guests would be loaded with gourmet delicacies. In a reflective mood, he came out of his room and started exploring the arrangements. One step at a time, he moved forward and every step pushed him deeper into the infinite space of thoughts and philosophy.

The stage was all set. It was filled with lamps which added even more charm to the carvings of dancing peacocks, presumably celebrating the success of that young man. Even before he could enjoy the details in the feathers of the peacocks, he spotted a child crying inconsolably. The people around cared the least for that child. The young man went to the child and asked the reason for his sobs. The intensity only increased. He took the child in his arms and offered a half consumed bar of chocolate. Interestingly, the sob stopped and he was gulping the chocolate down his throat; small bits at a time. With confidence that the bar of chocolate would last atleast till the mother or the father, who must be busy working, returns; the young man stepped forward with thoughts of the child still hovering in his mind.

The gardener was shaping the shrubs which were already perfect. Perhaps, he was asked to shape them to infinite perfection. The sun was directly overhead, the man was sweating and the sweat drops trickled down his face falling on the plants, offering them respite from the intense heat. The tool missed the plant and instead attacked the finger. Blood dripping from his finger made the white flower beneath his finger red. Devoid of a heart that could accept such realities, Rahul moved taking the pain of the gardener along with hm.

The next step was taken and he saw men with entangled wires, striving to light up the place and turn the night that would arrive, into a day. Too many men, too many lamps and too much of entangled mess; all for a single day. Even before he could step forward, a worker got electrocuted and feel down on the ground. Two or three men shifted the injured to the hospital while the others were trying to complete the work before night sets in. Rahul moved forward thinking if helping an injured person isn’t the best way to illuminate the world.

He stepped into the kitchen where the chefs were preparing gourmet delicacies aided by the other not so talented workers. In one corner, he saw an ailing man splashing water over his eyes trying to get rid of the chilli powder residing in them, inflicting pain.

Rahul came out of the kitchen, walked to his room and sent an apology letter to the prospective guests for cancelling the party.

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